Raising Angelfish Fry Without Parents (effortless And Risk-free Way)

Raising angelfish fry without parents is not an easy task if you are a beginner. But, leaving the angelfish eggs or fries with the parents will also reduce the chance of having most of them hatched and surviving until adulthood. Therefore, I have prepared this highly beginner-friendly guide for hobbyists who want to try tending the young fries without the intervention of their parents.

Why Some Aquarists Choose Raising Angelfish Fry Without Parents

Angelfish are actually very caring parents. They are one of the few I find very pacific towards their children. And cannibalism doesn’t often happen between angelfish parents with their eggs and fries, either. In most cases, I recommend leaving the eggs and fries with their parents and having them take care of the children until they are strong and grown enough to live independently.

However, a low rate of cannibalism doesn’t mean that it can’t happen to our school of fish. And it is usually challenging to keep an eye on the fish all day to ensure that the angelfish parents don’t feed on their young. During the first spawns, the parents tend to eat the eggs and fries more due to the lack of experience and control of their behavior.

Thus, many aquarists or professional fish breeders prefer separating the eggs or fries from their parents early after birth. The goal is to ensure the highest number of fish live until they are as big as their parents.

Angelfish Fry
Angelfish fry

Tank Preparation To Raise Angelfish Fry (No Adults )

Raising angelfish fry without parents requires preparation beforehand. For me, there are 5 aspects you should keep in mind before and during the process of taking care of the fries. You can check them out below.

Ideal Tank Size

It depends on the number of eggs in each batch, but I suggest you pick a 10-gallon tank because this is a preferable standard size for angelfish fries. When the fish are still in egg form, they don’t occupy much space. But when the fish hatch, they will need room to swim and develop the organs normally. A crowded tank has never been recommended for fish care.

A Potent Filter Is Not Needed Here

A strong water filter can clear the water from waste, leftover food, harmful chemicals, and debris. I would recommend this type of filter if the tank were for big adult fish. However, we are dealing with young angelfish fries, which are only about the size of a dime. They will get sucked into the filter, and their swimming movements are heavily restricted if they don’t.

Therefore, I recommend that you pick a less potent filter or set the filter’s flow at medium-low and opt for more frequent tank cleaning. Another way to reduce the force of the filter is to add more decorations to the bottom and middle layers of water. They will stabilize the currents from the filter, ensuring that the young fish can swim freely.

Angelfish fries need warm water
Angelfish fries need warm water

Angelfish Fries Need A Heater

Young fries are weaker than the adults. And given that angelfish are tropical aquarium fish, they constantly need warm water from 78° to 84° F to live healthily. In conclusion, the young ones desperately need a heater to maintain the water temperature.

They also don’t enjoy direct sunlight or too much light. So it’s advisable to not place the tank near any light source. We must remember this important detail because a potent light source can affect the water temperature. And it’s crucial to guarantee the stability of the water parameters.

Provide Them With A Protein-Rich Diet

Young fries are as small as a dime, so they won’t be able to consume flake food or anything too big for their mouth. Therefore, I suggest that you prepare some baby brine shrimps or micro worms in hand to feed them. Also, clean the tank after each feeding session and register the amount that the angelfish fries eat for portion adjustment in the next feeding.

Clean your tank regularly
Clean your tank regularly

Change Water Regularly

Of course, a clean environment will eliminate the chance of provoking bacteria, parasites, or infections for the fish in the tank. The point of raising angelfish fry without parents is to ensure that most of them survive, so we can’t be lazy when it comes to water change.

I strongly suggest that we clean the tank and change the water once weekly. And the amount should be 20% of the old water. Since the fries are small, they can be sucked up by the water tube. So make sure that you place the mouth of the tube as close to the bottom as possible.

Can Angelfish Parents Tend Their Fries? 

Angelfish are good parents. They will carefully clean the breeding site before laying the eggs. After eggs are fertilized and laid, the parents blow eggs to let them air dry and clean them thoroughly. When the fries hatch, the parents will continue caring for and protecting them.

Most of the time, angelfish parents do not consume their fry. However, you may not want to keep the parents and children angelfish together if you are a fish breeder. Why? Keeping the fries together with the parents can hinder the next reproductive cycle since parents focus entirely on caring for the baby fish inside the tank.

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When should I start feeding angelfish fry?

You can feed the fries once they are free to swim. Feed them infusoria in tiny amounts, four or five times per day. After 2 days, start feeding them baby brine shrimps or microworms. With the progression of time, they will need to get used to more extensive food, so make sure you augment the food size slowly in the first month of the fries.

Should I separate angelfish fry from parents?

The ideal situation is that the angelfish parents should stay with their fry until they begin developing their fins and can eat on their own. If the parents exhibit cannibalism, the eggs and fries should be moved to a separate tank immediately.

How do you hatch angelfish eggs without their parents?

Removing the eggs and placing them in a separate tank should be the first step. Separate transparent or fertilized ones from the white angelfish eggs because they are sick or dead eggs. The fish will also favor water with much oxygen and be slightly warmer. They will hatch on their own without any problem.

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