Killifish And Betta: Top Things To Know When You Want To Keep These Two Fish Species

There is a difference between killifish and betta in that the two are not companions. 

Can killifish and betta live together? Can they be kept together? That would not be advisable. 

Bettas would be able to chew on killifish eggs and fry easily. Both have an aggressive nature, meaning that both can defend themselves. 

Both of them will often fight among themselves for territory when they collide with one another. 

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When Your Betta Chases Killifish, What Should You Do?

Among the betta fish, the most common activity is chasing, which is a very natural behavior. Their long tails are often used as a means of the chase. 

Chasers are afflicted with a variety of reasons that are beyond their control, including factors that are not within their control.

Look into the possibility that the betta is harming the killifishes when it comes to the betta. There will be a noticeable change in the fish’s behaviour if you keep watching the betta spend time eating fish or nibbling on its fins. 

I would advise you to move the betta to another tank immediately and wait for it to calm down before taking it back to its original tank.

Bettas are considered to be territorial pets. This means that they are protective of their home. In turn, this has resulted in them pushing out the other fish from their surroundings. 

If you want to prevent the betta from chasing your fish then there are some methods that you can do so. I would recommend that you follow the instructions in this guide so that the killifish can live happily in the tank with the betta.

An Ample Hiding Space And A Large Tank

An aquarium with densely packed live plants would provide betta and killifish with plenty of hiding areas. In general, fish are aware when their prey is being attacked.

Since they feel unsafe when keeping them in the open water, they become significantly more stressed as a result. 

An aquarium that has dense plantings would be a safe and relaxing place for the betta and will also offer them a natural habitat to live in.

Ensuring That Both Fish Have Enough Food

Place the killifish in the tank's corner
Place the killifish in the tank’s corner

Besides chasing the killifish out of food safety, bettas may chase each other because of similar reasons. 

I would strongly recommend you change the feeding pattern immediately if you feed them both simultaneously and at exactly the same spot in the tank. The food should be offered in different places around the tank.

You could arrange the tank as follows: place the betta in a corner of the tank and give the killifish a corner of the tank. 

That way, you no longer have to worry about food disputes. During the period when the fish are being fed, it is causing both fish become angry and come to blows with each other.

The Number Of Male Killifish Should Not Be Increased

There is a risk of overcrowding the tank with too many males. A man is generally expected to be responsible for safeguarding the interests of his community, as their place in society is to lead.

In this regard, fish have the same kind of obligations as men. The male fish in a tank may fight with the other fish when there are too many of them, as they are squabbling over territorial values.

Moreover, when they detect that other fish are trying to enter their region, the other fish become aggressive and push the other species away from their space.

The situation can be handled by introducing a plantation, but in order to keep both types of fish in a healthy environment, it is imperative to control the male to female ratio of the tank.

Each group should consist of a larger number of females than males. Females lay eggs and hatch. 

Therefore, they are not interested in their territory, since they are primarily engaged in laying eggs. 

It has been discovered that other fish do not bother them unless their survival is threatened, providing the habitat is suitable for them.

How Much Space Is Necessary For Killifish And Betta?

It is recommended that each tank has a minimum capacity of 20 gallons. It is important to consider several factors prior to purchasing a tank.

As a whole, the aquarium is comprised of a variety of areas that can be utilized for the growth and maintenance of plants. There are two species of fish known as explorers, the Betta fish and the Killifish fish.

Their favorite pastime is to go swimming a lot and explore the untouched regions of the ocean. 

It is not unusual for fish to develop anxiety when kept in a tiny tank, which offers them little space for swimming. The long-term effects of this are unknown at this point.

Hence, the fish should have enough space to define their territories and stay away from each other to permit both of them to thrive.

Killifish Food Can Be Eaten By Betta Fish?

Killifish eggs and fry make a good snack for bettas
Killifish eggs and fry make a good snack for bettas

It is also worth mentioning that killifish are carnivorous in the same way as the betta. These two species of fish are capable of eating each other. 

There are a number of frozen foods you can offer including brine shrimps, broth shrimps, daphnias, larvae, and bloodworms.

As part of their nutritional requirement, they should be fed a combination of pallets and live foods. Make sure to provide the foods under moderate conditions.

The food that they consume should also be managed carefully to avoid serious illnesses. 

Too many foods can aggravate stomach problems and cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms.

In addition, there is a possibility that the food waste can contaminate the water, as well as change the chemical composition of the tank. 

At some point, the water would be of such poor quality that the fish would die because their health would suffer.

Are Bettas Capable Of Killing Killifish?

Among the two types of fish bettas and killifish, both can be very aggressive when the situation becomes hostile. Both can be very aggressive when the situation becomes hostile.

Bettas might encounter a killer fish and the fins of the betta may start to be eaten by the fish, thus making it harder for them to swim. 

Furthermore, Betta would become overly stressed during this period of time, and if not healed in a timely manner, was likely to die.

It would be extremely harmful to the killifish if the betta were to dominate the waters. Male bettas are actually fast hunters that can track and catch killifish and eat their fins as well as bite the skin, which makes it difficult for the killifish to survive against them.

There are two types of fish, and both of them are capable of fighting and killing others. In so far as this case is concerned, by no means can it be said that only Betta will be the leader in this situation. 

As well as being able to dominate the water in certain situations, killifish are also capable of dominating the surface.

Can You Keep Multiple Killifish With Your Betta?

When kept together with other fish, killifish find them to be protected. In order to maintain your killifish population, keep a group of four to five altogether. 

It should also be noted that, like the betta, the blue tang prefers to live in a group. In doing so, they are able to maintain a calm and stress-free state of mind.

It might have an adverse effect on the health of Killifish if Betta is kept alone in the middle of their group of brothers. Keeping Betta alone may cause her to become anxious and stressed.

As their activities diminish, the likelihood of them dying soon increases. In order to make sure that the bettas and killifish feel safe in the aquarium, you always should have them all together.

How Warm Do Killifish And Betta Need To Be?

Keep bettas in a temperature range between 78-80°F
Keep bettas in a temperature range between 78-80°F

There are many species of killifish that can survive in water temperatures ranging between 68° and 75° F. 

Usually, the pH (potential hydrogen ion concentration) range should be between 6.0 and 7.0. In terms of temperature, bettas like a temperature range between 78-80° F (25.5-26.5° C).

Is It Possible For Killifish To Survive With Female Betta Fish?

In fact, yes. The two fishes can live along together peacefully as long as they aren’t aggressive toward one another. 

Give them enough room to swim around if you want them to live together peacefully.

If you have a male betta in your tank during mating season, it will help keep the female calm. 

When she cannot find the right companion within the tank, the female becomes aggressive, which ultimately results in aggression.

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Are clown killifish compatible with bettas?

The betta fish’s temperament can make a big difference in how he behaves. 

In some cases, bettas prefer colored fish above the surface of the water, therefore a rocket killifish would not be a good partner for a betta.

Are there any fish that can live with killifish?

A Golden Wonder Killifish should never be tanked with large tetra, Banjo Catfish, Otocinclus, and most Corydoras Catfish species because they cannot live in the same tank. 

This fish is also safe to live with and large crustaceans such as Vampire Shrimps as well as other large, peaceful crustaceans are also safe.  

In order to determine exactly how a betta fish will act, it helps to know his temperament.

What is the space requirement for killifish?

Especially because killifish are typically small, they are an excellent choice for nano and desktop aquariums. 

If you are keeping a species tank, a trio can fit inside a tank of 5 to 10 gallons, but if you have a community setup, or if you intend to keep more than one male, you will need a larger tank of 20 gallons or more.

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