Do Goldfish Get Bored? The Answer Might Surprise You!

If you’ve ever wondered, “Do goldfish get bored?” you’re not alone. Fish are often thought of as low-maintenance pets that don’t require much attention. However, goldfish are actually quite intelligent creatures that can get bored easily. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about getting a goldfish.

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Do Goldfish Get Bored?

Goldfish can get bored in some ways
Goldfish can get bored in some ways

The goldfish is one of the most common pet fish worldwide, and for a good reason. They’re adorable, easy to care for, and provide a lot of entertainment. But what about when they get bored? The answer is that goldfish can get bored just like any other pet. If your goldfish is bored, then he or she can become destructive or even dangerous. In the following sections, I’ll look at what boredom in goldfish is and how to prevent it. Keep reading to find out!

Signs of Bored GoldFish

If you’ve ever had a fish that just doesn’t seem to be enjoying its tank life, you’re not alone. Fish can get bored quickly and may exhibit signs such as floating, swimming in circles, or hiding. You should take action if you notice your fish displaying these behaviors. 

+Activity Stagnates

An individual who lives a constant life will get too tired after a few days of constant life happenings. Regular happenings are never good for any creature. There is no excitement, no fun, and no anticipation either. When your life is too direct, dull, and perpetual, who would dare have a sense of rage?

In boredom or sadness, your fish will be passive in their actions. I recommend that you be cautious when considering this one, as these changes in activity can often be a sign of sickness.

+Differences In Behavior

You’ll know your fish are feeling bored if they would prefer to swim in the center of your tank and suddenly start swimming at the bottom. Their lives are already whole, and now there is nothing for them to do.

The fish that has no decorations will probably feel depressed the most. Our empty bowls of fish for decoration in our homes, bedrooms, and living rooms can be lonely.


Fish will begin hurting themselves if they have nothing else to do. As these fish are difficult to pair up with other tankmates, they are generally added to a tank independently.

+Atypical Behavior

When a fish does not interact socially with other fish species, it produces terrible disorders. As a result, their needs will not be met.

There is a consensus among experts that certain fishes should be kept in an aquarium with at least one attendant. You can also get different types of information depending on how you combine the fishes in your tank to ensure your fishes are happy.

Some Ways To Keep Your Goldfish Amused

You can let the goldfish play with many activities
You can let the goldfish play with many activities

Most people believe that fish, unlike dogs and cats, do not enjoy playing. This is not the case. Goldfish are pretty lively and like being amused. You may keep children occupied in a variety of ways, including:

Engaging Them

You can engage directly with your goldfish, just like you can with dogs and cats. Goldfish recognize when humans are attempting to interact with them and respond by swimming up the tank.

Possessing A Playful Atmosphere

A goldfish usually enjoys moving around and playing on the surface below. Just make sure you put some pebbles and decor in the tank. Don’t use anything sharp in the tank that might hurt your fish.

Providing Food For Them

Food for goldfish
Food for goldfish

Put your hands in your goldfish’s bowl and feed them. It is vital to create a friendly environment and feed the goldfish with your own hands when you shift the goldfish to the aquarium. During their initial training phase, teach them some playful movements. Feed them different kinds of food they enjoy but do not overfeed them.

It is practical to feed your goldfish when you are training them. The best way to reward them after learning specific movements and behaviors is by feeding them.

Let Them Play With Toys

Keeping your goldfish entertained may be accomplished in a variety of ways. Alternatively, you may purchase some toys, adorn the aquarium with aquatic plants, or even play with them. Here are 2 suggestions for you.


Another great option to keep goldfish entertained is to build them a tunnel. Whenever a goldfish is in a tunnel, it loves to hide. Playing on it, moving around, hiding, and having fun makes them feel like they’re in the ocean.

From one end to the other, you can place tunnels. Your goldfish may need to become accustomed to the tunnel setup. The goldfish will keep playing in the tunnel once it learns to move through it. It will be more comfortable for your goldfish to move in the tunnel once it learns to move through it.

Then, you can move them around to see what works best. Your goldfish should be able to pass through the tunnel easily if it is big enough. The tunnel needs to be lit and airy enough to allow fish to pass through. Alternatively, if it stays inside for a long time, it may damage the goldfish.

Fill In The Gravel

Adding gravel to your pond improves the aesthetics and provides a number of benefits. Natural gravels are preferable to artificial gravels since they are more appealing to goldfish and do not harm the tank environment.

As a filter, gravel is an excellent choice for a swimming pool since it keeps the water clear. It also aids in the appropriate placement of live plants and provides nutrients to those plants. It’s a beautiful addition to your aquarium, and goldfish love to play with it.

Video: How to Entertain Your Goldfish


Do goldfish get bored in tanks?

Glass surfing is a term used by fish keepers to describe when their creatures swim up and down the tank’s glass. This may be the underwater equivalent of a bored caged tiger. However, an overcrowded or unfamiliar aquarium might cause stress in the fish.

Are goldfish lonely or depressed?

Your fish may be stressed if swimming wildly without going anywhere, smashing at the bottom of his tank, rubbing himself on gravel or pebbles, or locking his fins at his side.

When a goldfish dies, do the others get lonely?

You shouldn’t expect your goldfish to be depressed if the other one dies because they’re sad.

Final Thought

In conclusion, it seems that goldfish do indeed get bored. Whether it’s sitting in one spot for hours on end or constantly swimming in circles, these fish seem to suffer from bouts of boredom. However, this isn’t always the case and there are ways to keep your fish entertained. For example, adding a few pieces of floating food to their tank will help keep them occupied and happy.

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