Clownfish Fighting

Clownfish fighting is it normal or not? And how to handle it? Let’s find out in the article below!

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Why Are My Clownfish Fighting?

One challenge you might find with keeping clownfish is that they are territorial and can reprimand each other.

Clownfish will fight any other clownfish that invades their territory. Clownfishes are born all-male, and the most aggressive one eventually evolves into a female.

One way to reduce fighting between clownfish is to have a larger tank. Doing so will help create more spaces and cover for the two, which will discourage them from fighting. Putting other plants around your aquarium can make it seem like there are plenty of places for the clownfish to stay away from one another.

When feeding the clownfish, it is important to spread the food evenly within the aquarium so that they won’t have too much close interaction with each other while eating.

You should be aware of the consequences if you are not giving your fish enough food. On one hand, they will start to fight and sometimes hurt each other or worse. This is also more intense in an aquarium with a growing population because there are younger fish that need more nutrients than older ones. The inevitable upshot is that hungry people can become angry and frustrated.

It is important to keep the aquarium environment friendly. However, some fish are prone to aggression if they feel threatened or stressed. To avoid fighting, maintain optimum temperature levels and pH levels for your fish’s well-being.

Sometimes when you have just one clownfish in the tank with no enemies, they fight it out to see who’s on top. If you have two or four, they will pick a lone nemesis and relentlessly attack them until the other occupies them longer than that. Adding more fish so that there is always someone for their aggressor to pursue and then they won’t have time for each other.

Clownfish may become aggressive to one another when they are engaged in mating rituals. Females will often become more aggressive after taking care of eggs, but the aggression usually fades as soon as the breeding time is over. 

Is It True That 2 Female Clownfish Will Fight Each Other?

If two female clownfish lock their mouths together, it’s the telltale sign that they’re fighting.

Generally, two female clownfish will fight to the death and one will die within days or even hours – long before she could revert back to being male.

Clownfish pairing techniques:

There are two proven techniques to pair the same species of clownfish. Mixing species of clownfish should be avoided and has limited long-term (multi-year) success, with one case that I know about and appears unsuccessful at least one killer fish in the tank).

Grow out technique:

With this technique, two small juvenile clownfish are purchased at the same time and introduced into the tank at once. This has been proven to work for most pairs of fish, though it’s not guaranteed.


Will 2 clownfish always pair?

Not always. Amphiprion clownfish are typically found in groups of a monogamous pair that live within a host anemone with multiple subordinate clowns who do not reproduce. Clownfish are hermaphrodites, meaning that they have both female and male sex organs. The largest sexually mature male will become their mate, while the female

Can you keep 2 male clownfish together?

The best number of clownfish that you can have in your tank is either 1 or 2. For a while, you may be able to keep 3 or 4, but eventually, two will pair off and bully the rest ” until one transforms into a female ” which cannot turn back into a male again.

Are clownfish cannibals?

Very common behavior among clownfish of similar size. They are, in a way, largely opportunistic as all fish generally will be cannibalistic (as they lack the sophisticated and expensive equipment we mammals have for chewing through solid food!)


This article discusses clownfish fighting. I spent almost the whole day researching it. Hope it can help you!

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