Q&a: Can Axolotls Eat Goldfish? – Axolotls’ Best Tankmates 

If you are wondering can axolotls eat goldfish, the answer is yes, it’s totally possible. However, that isn’t always the case, both with goldfish and other underwater species. The size and behavior of a fish decide if it’s compatible with an axolotl. Allow me to get into the detail of axolotl’s tankmates, including goldfish.

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Can Axolotls Eat Goldfish? 

Axolotls can eat goldfish
Axolotls can eat goldfish

The short answer to “can axolotls eat goldfish” is yes. Axolotls can eat goldfish, and goldfish can behave hostile toward axolotls simultaneously. Goldfish tend to nip on the fins of other tankmates when they are stressed, which can be caused by living in unideal water parameters. As for axolotls, these lovely friends will feed on almost any tankmate that fits in their mouths.

Keep in mind that these babies live in very different temperature requirements. Even though goldfish can adapt better to conditions that aren’t the best for the species, the cold environment can still provoke them to act moody and nip off their dragon-like mates’ flowy and broad tails and caudal fin. Consequently, it’s harmful to the axolotls themselves.

Solution: The only way to make sure that axolotls don’t eat your goldfish is that you keep an eye on the dragon-like breed and give it food frequently. Or you can use a separator net to divide the tank into individual parts where they can stay close but not together.

Visually, it’s not the best option for your aquarium. But, it’s much better than sacrificing one of the two pets, given that the dragons are expensive and we don’t want our lovely goldfish to die prematurely.

What Are The Best Tank Mates For Axolotls?

There are 3 things we should consider before choosing a tankmate for axolotls: size, water parameters, and behavior. An adult can reach up to 12 inches in length. It lives in 60 to 64 degrees F water. And the species prefer nice and amiable roommates.

For example, angelfish which live in warm water and have aggressive traits won’t be a possible mate species for axolotls.

Fun fact:

I want to highlight that it’s possible that axolotls can attack or behave aggressively toward any tank mate smaller than them unless it has a protective mechanism that allows it to great quickly when the dragons’ plays turn hostile. For example, apple snails are perfect additions to the aquarium due to their natural shield that can protect them from shoves.

As for the axolotls, they might be having fun with their tank friends, even though they don’t intend to eat them. We can perceive the situation from 2 directions. From a positive point of view, other tank mates won’t die off at the same time. On the other hand, this can cause constant stress within the tank, which isn’t beneficial for the fish’s health either.

Apple snail is the perfect addition to the aquarium
Apple snail is the perfect addition to the aquarium


In general, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a mixed-species tank when an axolotl is involved. This species cohabits the best with creatures of its same kind. So if you want your dragon pet to have friends, I encourage you to pick axolotls, despite the fact that the upgrade can be costly.

So can axolotls eat goldfish? The answer is yes. What about other aquarium fishes? It goes the same way.


What makes a good axolotl tank mate?

Some fish make good tank mates, but not all fish. The ones that are compatible with axolotls are peaceful and independent fish, and they shouldn’t be too small either. A second requirement is to be able to live in cool water aquariums. A good tankmate for this species is one that is peaceful but not too tame and small to be eaten.

What kind of fish can an axolotl eat?

In general, axolotls can get aggressive if they share tanks with other underwater creatures. Shrimps and small fishes are exposed to the danger of becoming axolotls’ food, as long as the species are small enough to fit in their mouths. Thus, even though it’s possible to keep fish with axolotls, it’s not recommendable.

Can you feed an axolotl fish food?

If the two share a similar diet, it’s 100% safe to feed axolotls fish food. Their favorite foods are daphnia, larvae, brine shrimps, pellets, bloodworms, etc. From my experience, these are the aliments that big fishes enjoy the most.

Do axolotls bite?

Axolotls feed or harass small fishes, and they bite humans sometimes too. However, it’s important to emphasize that they don’t do that on a daily basis. This aquatic creature doesn’t attack humans as part of its natural behavior. The species reacts aggressively when it feels threatened only.

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