What Do Angelfish Eat? Needed Guides For All Aquarists & Rare Known Interesting Facts

What do angelfish eat in the aquarium and in the wild? Can you feed your angelfish other fish food, such as betta food or goldfish food? And why they eat their eggs?

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What Do Freshwater Angelfish Eat In Aquarium

What do angelfish eat in aquarium is a common concern for every beginner who has the first experience in breeding angelfish. Before digging deeper, let’s take some basic knowledge about their meals.

What does angelfish eat? Angelfish are omnivores, so they can eat both plants and live food. In their natural habitat, angelfish would normally ambush small fish (such as tetras) and insects. Although they will accept all sorts of food, a diet close to their nature will be the best option.

It’s usually best to offer a daily high-quality feeding of flakes or a pelleted diet formulated for angels. This will supply the vast of nutrients that fit their need. 

In order to avoid contamination, feed your angelfish fresh hatched brine shrimp, bloodworms, and daphnia.

And then, let’s take a look at what food do angelfish eat in specific.

Frozen food

Frozen foods for angelfish
Frozen foods for angelfish

Brine shrimp or bloodworms are good live food for angelfish, but they have disadvantages. Although mature brine shrimp do not have a significant nutritional value on their own, they are frequently sold frozen in combination with other foods, such as garlic or plankton, for the purpose of preparing fish for reproduction. Bloodworms can be fed to most aquarium fish, but care must be taken not to overfeed them; they should only be given as a treat.

Before feeding your angelfish frozen food, there is a crucial step to take. Always place it in a glass or cup and add aquarium water to ensure its safety. Before giving it to your fish, allow it to defrost and mix it thoroughly.

Live food

Live food is what food do angelfish eat. This is the most natural type of food for Angelfish. Fresh flake food or brine shrimp contain essential vitamins and minerals that your fish needs to remain healthy. However, not all flake meals and brine shrimp are the same. In addition, live meals may include bacteria and parasites that are harmful not just to Angelfish, but to the entire aquarium as well. Therefore, it is essential to select the highest-quality live food from well-known companies and examine ingredient labels.

Pellets & Flakes

Pellets and Flakes
Pellets and Flakes

These two food groups are the most prevalent for all fish. Additionally, they are the cheapest and provide a good amount of protein. Ensure that you give your angelfish high-quality tropical flakes and pellets, as their diet is predominantly composed of protein. If their food is of high quality, it will be an excellent addition to the diet.

Freeze-Dried Foods

As a result of their safety and health benefits, freeze-dried foods are gaining popularity. However, unlike frozen foods, freeze-dried foods are also dehydrated. Because the moisture has been removed, a pre-packaged one with complete nutrition can be purchased easily and kept for a long time. Freeze-drying removes all parasites and bacteria from the food.


As angelfish are omnivores, you can feed them vegetables. Vegetables are rich in fiber, which keeps your angelfish digestive tract healthy and prevents constipation by promoting regularity. This type of meal also boosts their consumption of vitamins and minerals. Include vegetables in your regular diet to create a balanced, nutritious diet.

Are all sorts of vegetables are what can angelfish eat? Honestly, not all angelfish enjoy the same kinds of vegetables. Naturally, zucchini and cucumber are the most popular foods among fish species.

These 5 types of food are common for the question of what kind of food does angelfish eat. And then, let’s move to an interesting fact that is what does an angelfish eat in the wild.

What Do Angelfish Eat In The Wild?

Are you curious about what do freshwater angelfish eat in the wild?

As I previously stated, angelfish are omnivores. So, what kind of food do angelfish eat? They primarily eat sponges. In addition to veggies, algae, shrimp parts, and plankton are also included in their diet. Outside of the aquarium, angelfish consume vegetation native to the rivers they inhabit. This permits them to consume more vitamins and minerals. However, these native plants are difficult to obtain, therefore veggies are a nutritious substitute.

Emperor angelfish eat sponges
Emperor angelfish eat sponges

In the natural, angelfish are consumed throughout the day, and they will not hesitate to catch prey of a lesser size.

Generally, angelfish eat a variety of food. Algae, shrimp, plankton, or vegetable are what do wild angelfish eat.

Why Do Angelfish Eat Their Eggs?

This isn’t the only issue of angelfish, and there is a theory that is amazing. This hypothesis was based on research done by scientists, who found that males have no control or fine-tuning over their eating of eggs.

Additionally, fish may be trying to damaged eggs or provide more oxygen for the remaining eggs. Fish have been known to eat their own eggs because of a lack of food and energy.

When under stress, angelfish may eat all of their eggs instead of just the ones they’ve removed during the cleaning and care process.

Even if angelfish spawn in a separate tank, away from the threat of other fish, stress conditions that can elicit the same response from angelfish parents can occur.

Maintaining a safe haven for them is the best course of action. No new fish should be added to the community aquarium, and angelfish will feel more at ease if reflections are reduced and the light is left on. Decor and gravel must be removed as well.

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Can angelfish eat betta food?

Angelfish will consume any food if they are sufficiently hungry, therefore they can consume the pellets that you would normally feed betta fish.
However, these pellets are not designed exclusively for angelfish. Therefore, they will not have the necessary levels of protein and minerals for angelfish.

Can angelfish eat cichlid food?

Angelfish are members of the Cichlidae family. This family has around 1,600 scientifically identified species.
Most of the time, you should feed your angelfish cichlid food. This is the type of meal angelfish are built to eat.

Can angelfish eat goldfish food?

Angelfish and goldfish consume many of the same things, such as brine shrimp, algae, pellets, and flakes, thus you may feed your angelfish with goldfish. However, the protein content in the goldfish diet is insufficient for angelfish.

Can angelfish eat bloodworms?

Do angelfish eat bloodworms? Yes, they do. Bloodworms are a delightful reward, and feeding angelfish live bloodworms enables them to hunt for prey. Bloodworms are an excellent source of protein and minerals, which are essential nutrients for angelfish in order to manufacture or replenish proteins.
However, bloodworms can cause malnutrition and excessive weight gain. They are extremely difficult for angelfish to digest, especially the head, so use it just as a treat. In addition, they are not the only source of protein and minerals, so you can substitute other types of food.

Can angelfish eat mealworms?

What do angelfish like to eat? Maybe mealworms since they seem to be tasty for angelfish and nutritious. 
For smaller fish, the best mealworms are newly hatched larvae. It is acceptable for large fish to consume adult mealworms. Angelfish may be unable to effectively digest mealworms due to their tough outer shell.
Mealworms have teeth for biting, slicing, and holding food. Therefore, it is important to smash the heads prior to giving them to your angelfish in order to reduce the chance of bites. Feeding dry mealworms is another method of avoiding this problem.

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