7 Online Stores To Buy Healthy Killifish In New York

It is easy to buy killifish New York and have them shipped to your doorsteps. But new aquarists want to know which are the best places with the most beautiful and healthy killifish. And most importantly, will the fish arrive to them alive? I have recollected and checked the variety of killifish and the shipping of different online stores, and here are the best 7 of them.

Best 7 Online Stores To Buy Killifish New York

Don’t miss the chance to find out 7 best stores where you can buy killifish New York and have them shipped carefully to your doorsteps.


Aquabid is a good place to get healthy killifish
Aquabid is a good place to get healthy killifish

If you have been an aquarist for over a few months, you know where to purchase healthy ones and killifish eggs: Aquabid. This is the most well-known forum where hundreds of retailers publish their offers and fish conditions every day. The good thing is that each retailer breeds their fish on a smaller scale, which ensures the health and quality of each killifish.

  • The best online forum for buying killfish and killifish eggs
  • Different retailers that offer different choices
  • You can see the location of each seller and deal with them directly
  • The quality and health of the fish and eggs here are higher than most mass stores
  • The interface of the web is old and might be unfamiliar for checking out orders


eBay is one of the biggest online e-commerce platforms, and it’s also one of the few capable of shipping live fish to our doorsteps. Aquarists can easily compare the price and value, thus picking the best killifish offer and having them shipped to New York. The reviews also help decide if the retailer handles the packaging and shipping requirements well.

  • Easy to use platform
  • Many different options of killifish
  • The platform ships live fish
  • Good prices and easy to compare
  • Shipping service is not the best, sometimes the fish arrive dead

Aquarium fish sale

Guentheri, Blue Gularis, and Nothobranchius rubripinnus killifish are some of the rarer breeds of killifish that the Aquarium Fish Sale has to offer. This store is ready to handle any live fish shipping package and will refund if the killifish doesn’t arrive as planned.

  • Has an amazingly diverse collection of killfish if different colors
  • Great shipping service
  • Killifish are healthy after arrival
  • The price is bit high

Arizona Aquatic Garden

If you are looking for a place where colorful killifish can be found at an affordable price, this is the place. Also, with the impressive variety of breeds, I don’t doubt that you will find one that stands out in the tank. This is an online store run by genuine killifish breeders or farmers, so the quality of the fish is top-notch.

  • Impressive variety of killifish with colorful patterns
  • The prices are affordable
  • Frequent sale off programs
  • Carefull live fish shipping service
  • Takes many days for the killifish to arrive


AquariumFish offers a wide range of species
AquariumFish offers a wide range of species

Through AquariumFish, customers can find a good diversity of species, from swordtails to killifish. The store update info is trustable, and they take their own pictures of the fish as well. This assures customers that they can trust the photos to know the color of the fish they are about to purchase.

  • Good value for price
  • Healthy killfish with beautiful colors
  • Good shipping service
  • The interface of the store web is outdated
  • Doesn’t have many breeds to choose


LRB Aquatics is the only shop with a dedicated Youtube channel where the owner frequently updates about the tanks of his little killies. In fact, this is one of the stores that take care of the fish and eggs best.

Many have reached out to this retailer, and all agree that this breeder doesn’t overwork the fish and take care of them very meticulously. If you are into killies and interested in buying killifish eggs, make sure to check out this store.

  • You can check the living condition of the fish through the YouTube channel
  • Sells rare killifish breed
  • Ships in USA
  • Scarcity of products, the fish aren’t always available

Aquarium Fish Depot

Aquarium fish depot is ” the largest freshwater fish store on the west coast,” and they offer many different types of killifish. They actually have a giant store where customers can go and check for the quality of the fish before purchasing.

  • Pretty killifish with vibrant color
  • Fish live in ideal conditions so they are healthy after purchasing
  • The store ships live fish over the US quickly
  • The shipping fee can be high for many customers

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Should I buy killifish online?

Given that killifish is not as commonly sold as other aquarium fish, there aren’t many local stores that offer this species. That’s why it’s easier to purchase online. Aquabid is one of the best places to do it since the sellers are “local” and care for the fish better than most commercial places.

Are killifish from ebay healthy?

eBay does ship live fish, and many have arrived to customers without any problem. This is also one of the few platforms that ships killifish to New York and over the US in general. However, the risk of purchasing a dead fish is still there. So it would help if you filmed while opening the package in case it’s necessary to solicit a refund.

What is the best place to buy killifish new york?

Many online stores where aquarists can buy killifish and have them shipped to New York. Looking for a local store wouldn’t be that easy. For online stores, Aquabid, Aquarium Fish Depot, and Arizona Aquatic Garden are excellent choices for killifish with unique patterns and can be shipped to New York.

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