Where To Buy Killifish Eggs Online – 4 Tips On Picking Killifish And Killifish Eggs 

Should I buy killifish eggs online, and is it a good idea? Many hobbyists have made this question when they just start getting into killifish keeping, which is not a very common species for beginners. In this post, I will tell you where to get this breed’s eggs online and how to separate good and healthy eggs from unfertilized ones. So if you want to get out of your comfort zone instead of buying common guppies or swordtails, I have some tips for you.

Tips On Selecting Killifish And Killifish Eggs 

There are 4 tips on selecting healthy killifish and killifish eggs that I find most crucial in this initial step. Make sure to check them out.

Identify Fertilized From Unfertilized Eggs

The color is the first thing you will notice about a fertilized or unfertilized egg. In every situation with almost any kind of egg layers, a fertilized egg will look transparent and have yellow-ish color. An unfertilized egg will look opaque and has a white tone to it. This sign indicates that the egg won’t survive, even though it hasn’t died ultimately.

After a few days, 2 black dots will start to appear on a fertilized killifish egg. These are the eyes of the fish. If the eggs go through a week and the oil globule remains see-through, the eggs have a high chance of hatching. This process takes up to 3 weeks.

When we purchase killifish eggs, we also buy a whole batch. Those that hatch, hatch, and those that don’t, don’t. How do we know it when we inhabit them in the tank?

My advice is to fill the corner of the tank with some plants with layers of leaves. Pour the eggs on the plants, and you can more or less notice fertilized and healthy eggs. Fertilized eggs have a slightly sticky membrane so that they will latch on the leaves. Unfertilized eggs don’t share the same characteristics. Thus they will fall to the bottom of the tank.

Identify fertilized from unfertilized eggs
Identify fertilized from unfertilized eggs

Pick healthy killifish

Healthy fish have clear swimming patterns

When you buy killifish fries, you should check for their swimming pattern. If a fish seems confused and doesn’t have a clear direction when it swims, it may be sick. Also, if the movement seems off, chances are it has clamped fins or is plagued by parasites.

Don’t pick fish that hide frequently

Hiding frequently also is a sign that indicates a sick or stressed fish. When you purchase killifish fries from a big tank, some aggressive ones may bully others, which results in stressed and ill fish. They won’t survive long after you purchase them.

Healthy fish don’t rub against objects

It’s normal if your fish sometimes rub themselves against rocks, plants, or tank walls when they feel itchy. But, when it happens frequently, there might be a problem with the fish. Fish will scratch their bodies against objects as they feel an unpleasant sensation. A tank that is not adequately cycled could make your pet itchy. It is more likely to occur when you alter your aquarium’s water quality and components or even the aquarium itself.

3 Places To Buy Killifish Eggs Online

It’s not easy to find places that sell killifish eggs and accept online shipping. Here are 3 places that I find ideal for this procedure. Check out their pros and cons.


  • There is a great variety of killifish eggs here
  • There are many sellers from everywhere in the world
  • You can see the location of each seller
  • Quality of killifish eggs is good
  • The interface of the web is old and might be unfamiliar for checking out orders


  • Easy to use platform
  • Many different options of killifish eggs
  • The platform ships live fish
  • Good price
  • Shipping service is not the best

LRB Aquatics – Aquarium Hoarder (Youtube Channel)

  • You can check the living condition of the fish through the YouTube channel
  • Sells scarce killifish eggs
  • Ships in USA
  • Fish eggs not always available

Video: Buying Killie Eggs Online


Should I buy killifish eggs online?

It’s possible to buy killifish eggs online, and I totally recommend it. However, the risk of purchasing an unfertilized batch is always there, and there is the risk of damage during the shipping process. That’s why I recommend buying online but mainly from a store close to your local.

Should I buy killifish eggs from eBay or Amazon?

Yes, it’s totally fine to purchase killifish eggs from eBay, many have done it, and they received a healthy batch with many eggs fertilized. On Amazon, however, I haven’t encountered a store that sells killifish, given that this is not a common species as live-bearers community fish. You can check out Aquabid for killies as well.

Does PetSmart sell killifish?

No, PetSmart doesn’t sell killifish or killifish eggs. You can find them on eBayAquabid, or AquariumFishSale. Many online stores sell killifish.

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