Do Puffer Fish Eat Crabs? Top 5 Impressed Facts About Puffer Fish

Do puffer fish eat crabs? The answer to this question is less straightforward than you may believe. Pufferfish do not have teeth and do not feed on anything other than plankton, algae, bacteria, and plant matter; they do not eat crabs. Many species of pufferfish are even capable of burrowing into the sand to avoid predators.

So do puffer fish eat crabs, or do they resemble them? In blog will helps you known the answer.

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The Facts About Puffer Fish

Most of us think of puffer fish as bloated-looking fish with 360-degree quills. If you look past the spikes, you’ll find a fish with a fascinating backstory. Whether you consider adding a puffer fish to your aquarium or want to know more about these fish, here are ten facts about this exotic species.

Species Abound

Dr Kristin Claricoates of Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital said that puffer fish come in over 120 different species. There are a majority of marine-water fishes in them (read: they need a saltwater aquarium). However, she explained that 40 kinds of puffers are found in brackish water (a mix of fresh and saltwater) and 29 species found in freshwater. It is not unusual for pufferfish to grow to lengths of several feet.

Puffer Fish Is A Delicacy

The majority of pufferfish are toxic to predators -and even to humans – when eaten? According to Claricoates, countries like Korea, China, and Japan consider puffer fish to be a culinary delicacy and only specially trained chefs are capable of adequately preparing and serving them.

That Can Be Deadly

According to Dr. Nick Saint-Erne, a Certified Aquatic Veterinarian from PetSmart, tetrodotoxin, a toxin found in puffer fish, is produced naturally by bacteria on the fish’s body. The puffers raised in a bacteria-free environment in that experiment were not able to make the toxin. He said that a chef who prepares Fugu, puffer fish fillets, didn’t want to serve the fish without poison since the fish is so appealing because of its numbing effect when eaten. The paralytic effects of puffer fish are so severe that about a half dozen diners die each year eating them, even when properly prepared by an expert chef. This makes them generally not suitable for consumption.

Puffer Fish
Puffer Fish

Puffer Fish Are A Multi-threat Fish

While puffer fish use their fins to help them swim (with the tail fin acting as a rudder), they are notoriously slow-moving. Claricoates, however, said there are other ways to deter-or defeat predators out to get them, including:

  • Thanks to good eyesight, small species can detect predators early and scout for food. 
  • This burst of energy allows them to flee predators quickly (albeit in an uncontrollable direction).
  • Whenever they cannot run, they do what they are known for: they gulp in a lot of water (or air if there is none) to make themselves large and unappealing, she said. They are difficult to swallow for a predator due to their puffing, spines, and quills (and may even get stuck in the throat). 

The toxin in puffer fish’s body may cause a predator to die even if it successfully consumes the puffer fish.

Puffer Fish Require An Experienced Owner

Claricoates doesn’t recommend puffer fish for new fish owners, “and they are not ideal as impulse purchases.” These fish require good water quality, plenty of room, and a good diet. Aside from that, if you are hoping for a fish tank full of all kinds of fish, these aren’t the fish for you. Because of their carnivorous nature, puffer fish cannot be kept in a community pond.

If they are too big to eat, either they will eat the smaller fish or bite at the fins of the larger fish. Nonetheless, if the puffer fish is very small, they will likely starve because they are too small to compete with better and faster swimmers in the tank. An ideal environment can support a long life expectancy for puffer fish.

What Puffer Fish Eat – Do Puffer Fish Eat Crabs?

The puffer fish found in the wild is a predator, which eats snails, shellfish, crustaceans, as well as other fish, clarified Claricoates. Since puffers will eat almost anything in captivity, a variety of foods should be offered to ensure that they are getting a balanced diet, she said.

Do puffer fish eat crabs?

Since puffers will eat almost anything in captivity, a variety of foods should be offered to ensure that they are getting a balanced diet, she said. Claricates recommends a diet that consists of shell-forming foods, such as crab, mussels, clams, shrimp, snails, and bloodworms.

Can you die from eating raw crab?

Can raw crabs be consumed without causing food safety issues? Pathogens may accompany raw crabs, such as bacteria (such as Vibrio cholera and Vibrio parahaemolyticus) and parasites (Paragonimus westermani, also known as lung fluke). To ensure public safety, marinated raw crab should not be eaten.

Do crabs eat bread?

Hermit crabs will eat almost anything you give them because they are, by nature, scavengers. However, it is your responsibility to provide food for your domestic hermit crabs. Crabs can have problems if their stomachs expand when they eat bread. Crackers do not endanger a crab’s health.

Can hermit crabs eat popcorn?

Hermit crabs love popcorn if there’s one thing they love. Don’t even consider it if you want to share your ‘extra butter flavor’ microwave bags. While you’re at the bulk food section, pick up some plain corn kernels.

Hermit crabs
Hermit crabs

Can crabs eat vegetables?

They feed on any animal or vegetable matter that they find, although little fish, aquatic snails, mussels, worms, and larvae are their favorite foods.

Do hermit crabs come out of their shell?

Hermit crabs that moult or are out of their shells are stressed and vulnerable. There are other crabs in the habitat that your crab needs to be protected from. You should coax it back into its shell by protecting it from the other crabs. If you are patient, it may take a month for the molting cycle to complete.

Can I eat my hermit crab?

“Edible” means it can be consumed without harm and hermit crabs are most certainly edible in that sense. The snakes lack venom and don’t spread disease if they’re cooked properly. It’s also important to note that no one eats them. As for the regular crab, I think you’re better off with it.


What does a puffer fish eat?

The diet of the pufferfish includes mostly invertebrates and algae. Large specimens will even crack open and eat clams, mussels, and shellfish with their hard beaks.

Do puffer fish eat hermit crabs?

You won’t know whether your puffer fish will eat hermit crabs or not until you try adding one. Some will eat them, and some will leave them alone. It just depends on the puffer.

Do puffer fish eat fiddler crabs?

The short video starts with a yellow crustacean standing at the bottom of a tank when a patterned yellow pufferfish swims up next to it. He’s also fed crustaceans, including fiddler crabs, which Cory adds into the tank live for the Mbu to hunt.


Pufferfish do not eat other fish, and they do, however, consume crabs. There are many different types of pufferfish found all over the world in salt or freshwater. Some are even capable of breathing air to survive out of water for a short time!

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