What Fish Eat Neon Tetras And 4 Related Questions About This Fish

When talking about neon tetras, people will often ask the question “what fish eat neon tetras?”. This is probably a pervasive question on social media these days for the aquarium community.

It is thought that neon tetras originate from clear water and blackwater rivers in the rivers of the Orinoco basin, the Amazon basin, and the rivers of the Amazon basin in Brazil, Columbia and Peru.

Under dense forest canopies, there are some areas of blackwater that are lightly illuminated due to the dense canopy. In the middle water layers of the ocean, neon tetras live in shoals and eat a variety of small crustaceans and worms.

Neon tetras are predominantly captive-bred, and most of them are imported from East Asia, with some from the Far East.

These fish come in a variety of varieties that originate from both captivity and wild breeding. This includes all the various neon tetras, including the long-finned neon tetra, which is sort of a semi-albino, as well as the golden neon tetra that appears to be sprinkled with metallic scales on the top portion of its body, and a diamond neon tetra that appears to have a red tinge to its body.

What Fish Eat Neon Tetras?

Here are 4 questions you often get from people who are just starting to keep this fish:

Are Angelfish Capable Of Killing Neon Tetras?

Anglefish will eat neon tetras if they're in the same tank
Anglefish will eat neon tetras if they’re in the same tank

Angelfish can be found eating a variety of different fish, including neon tetras, guppies, and white clouds. When you plan to keep both neon tetras and angelfish together in one tank, it is almost impossible to keep them from eating them.

There is no doubt that Angel Fish is a natural predator fish, and since the size of Neon Tetra is small enough for these fish to consume easily, it isn’t surprising that Angelfish are motivated to consume Neon Tetra as well.

But amongst the tetras that should work well with the angelfish are the Black Skirt Tetra, the Blind Cave Tetra, the Diamond Tetra, the Lemon Tetra, and the Serpae Tetra and the Silver Tip Tetra.

How Do I Find Out What Is Eating My Neon Tetras?

In spite of their peaceful nature, silver sharks have been observed to grow over a foot in length, can be skittish, and can eat small fish, such as neon tetras.

Platycodons, Gibbiceps and Plecyxidae both eat algae quite well but grow to quite large sizes, at around 45 centimeters (18 inches) in the average aquarium.

As well as leaving long strings of poo all around, they can also uproot your plants if they get caught up in them.

Neon Tetras: Tank mates
Neon Tetras: Tank mates

Mollies And Tetras Are Compatible?

You should make sure that you feed your mollies the proper diet in order to prevent them from attacking and eating your neon tetras.

The platys, guppies, and mollies in a small or midsize tetra’s tank are good companions. Most larger tetras enjoy the company of other tetras, and they usually are peaceful as well.

Additionally, apistogrammas make a good tank mate for danios, corydoras, discus fish, and the vast majority of livebearers as well as some of the peaceful dwarf cichlids.

Is It Possible For All Tetra Fish To Live Together?

If a tank is adequate to handle all varieties of tetras, then it can accommodate different types of tetra in a tank. There are most commonly encountered tetras in the wild and they enjoy the warm water, as opposed to Buenos Aires Tetras prefer cooler water.

Due to this reason, you cannot keep Buenos tetras together with other tetras because their water requirements are different.

Video About Neon Tetra Fish

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