Top 3 Characteristics To Realize Neon Tetra Fish Male And Female

Among the most popular fish in the world, neon tetras are one of the most anticipated seasonal releases. Today, I’m going to show you how to recognize Neon Tetra fish male and female.

These colorful, social fish, which can be kept in peaceful community tanks with proper care, make fantastic additions to that peaceful atmosphere.

With its charming nature, the neon tetra is a fish that makes learning how to sex them very appealing to hobbyists.

As there exist many guides that explain how to sex neon tetras, spotting the difference between male and female neons is usually the first step in the process. 

Because of their diminutive size, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between neon tetra males and females.

Thanks to their simple differences, you can tell them apart easily if you know how to spot them.

Neon Tetras Of Different Sexes – What Is The Difference?

There is a difference between female and male neon tetras regarding the shape of the horizontal stripe of their color, since females have a rounder belly.

On the other hand, the male neon tetras present a straight blue stripe down the centre of their bodies, and their coloration is more intense.

The dorsal and anal fins of males are often longer than those of their female counterparts in many cases.

Male Tetras vs. Female Tetras

Neon tetra male vs female

It may prove more difficult than you had expected to tell neon tetras apart at a glance, even though it is possible to observe the differences. 

When male neon tetras and female neon tetras reach sexual maturity, it is practically impossible to distinguish them.

You will probably notice a subtle difference between boys and girls between the ages of four to six months.

However, this still requires the right kind of training (or even a magnifying glass!)

As neon tetras are not physically and morphologically distinct from male and female fish, the differences that result from the two are minimal and not difficult to spot.

Let me show you a direct comparison which makes it easier for you to differentiate.


As both male and female neon tetras have distinctive stripes over their iridescent bodies as well as distinctive blue and red hues, the colors observed on the males are more vivid and vibrant as compared to the females.

As male neon tetras compete with one another to attract the attention of the female, they have evolved to feature distinct and vibrant colors.


Since neon tetras are tiny fish, it can be difficult to determine their sizes. On the other hand, because of the different sizes of neon tetras, it is easier to identify them because of their distinct bodies.

Male neon tetras differ in visual features such as a slender body and a round body shape, whereas women are small and relatively rounded. Also, neon tetras tend to appear bigger and longer as compared to their male counterparts.


In comparison to male neon tetras, female neon tetras have a larger belly than their male counterparts.

The neon tetra is an egg-spawning species, so the larger belly of female neon tetras does not mean that they are pregnant.

When your fish’s belly is larger than that of her tank mates, it can indicate that she is ready to spawn, and the fish may already have dorsal fins.

The best time to transfer the breeding pair of your fish into a separate tank is now if you intend on breeding your fish in the future.

Measurement Of A Fin’s Length

There are many differences between the dorsal and anal fins of male neon tetras and the females.

Using this method, you can easily tell which neon tetra is male and which is female in a tank containing similar-looking neon tetras.

Remember that there are some neon tetras that have been selectively bred to have longer fins, which is something we should also keep in mind.

It is possible that this is the case, the best course of action is to use some of the other features below to assist you in your quest.


What are the chances of neon tetras reproducing easily?

Despite being relatively easy to breed, neon tetras require the right conditions in order to grow.

You will have to set up a special breeding tank, prepare the water before beginning to breed neon tetras, and calculate the nighttime and daytime hours accordingly.

How long are neon tetras pregnant?

A female Tetra can lay as many as 70 eggs at a time, and these eggs hatch between 24 and 48 hours after being laid.

The eggs should be laid and fertilized once, and the adults should be returned to their regular tanks. When the eggs hatch and the fry appear, the adults eat the eggs and fry.  

Is neon tetra likely to eat baby shrimp?

I suppose you could say that if something fits into a fish’s mouth, it’s probably going to be eaten. 

Babies do not have the ability to quickly escape as they do not have a rough shell.

There will still be tetras hunting them despite the fact that they have all these hiding places available to them. As a result, you should keep young shrimp in another tank until they are large enough to take care for themselves.


You should know the difference between male and female neon tetras regardless of whether you are simply curious or hoping to sex your fish.

With just one or two species of freshwater fish, you can start having plenty of success by using them in your freshwater tanks, so once you have a little knowledge, put it to good use.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about these gorgeous fish. Please don’t forget to share this article with people you think may be interested in learning more about them.

Feel free to leave your comments below if you have anything to add!

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