5 Most Expensive Betta Fish In The World

Betta fish are also known for being very aggressive towards other fish. They are known to attack and even fight with other fish. But nowadays, various types of betta fish have become ornamental fish. This is basically due to the beautiful shape of the body and tail of the fish. 

In recent years, betta and hornbill have been of great value to some people. Therefore, a lot of people are hunting them. There are even a few who sell them at an inflated price when they do find them. That’s why today I would like to introduce you to the most expensive betta fish in the world. 

The 5 Most Expensive Betta Fish

Plakat Betta

Plakat Betta
Plakat Betta

A Plakat Betta is generally considered to be among the most expensive types of bettas in the world. This type of Betta appears in a variety of colors depending on the environment in which it lives.

Fish of this kind tend to be very active and are capable of moving aggressively if they sense an enemy nearby. Its personality comes from the name. Plakat is a word that is from the Thai language, which means fighting. Plakat Betta fishes are therefore a type of complaint fish.

The fins are very short, even relatively close to the body. So make it look bigger and stronger. They have very short fins. The fins are even relatively close to their body. With this look, they appear bigger and stronger. 

It’s the uniqueness of the Plakat that’s the reason for its incredibly high price. The price can cost up to $1500 or Rp. 20 million more, depending on how unique the color is.

Half Moon

Halfmoon Betta has a breathtaking tail
Halfmoon Betta has a breathtaking tail

Half Moon is another valuable betta that has to be mentioned.  Its tail and fins look like a half-moon when all are fully spread. That is why it has that name. The beauty of its tail is breathtaking, and many people will pay a very high price to own this kind of fish. Halfmoon bettas have long tails, which can be spread out to almost 180 degrees, and are found on both males and females. Moreover, they are both reddish, although the male is duller than the female.


Crowntail has a crown-like tail
Crowntail has a crown-like tail

Crowntail Betta Fish is expensive because it is extremely rare. These fish are considered to be very unique and need special care since they are quite sensitive.

In the family of betta fish, the Crowntail has the longest tail. As a result, it requires a relatively large aquarium.

In regards to the size of the tail and the fins, there is no difference. There is a similarity between the two in that both of them have spikes or serits similar in shape to an inverted crown.

Fish of this type come in several varieties, such as double, single, and cross rays. No one can deny the beauty of its fins, but at the same time, it is also very easy to be attacked by diseases. As a result, the water should be kept as clean as possible.

 Among the many types of betta fish in the world, Crowntail is one of the most expensive. It is even estimated that the price can go up to more than ten million dollars.

Kachen Worachai

Kachen Worachai's colors are similar to the Thai national flag
Kachen Worachai’s colors are similar to the Thai national flag

Do you know the colors of the flag of Thailand? This kind of fish also has colors that are similar to the Thai national flag. These colors are blue, white, and red. 

The blue color is on the body of the fish. Then, along the belly is the white line. A parallel red color appears at the bottom of the fins on the other side.

The name of this betta fish comes from its owner, namely, Kachen Worachai who is domiciled in Thailand.

In an auction, Kachen Worachai’s has even been priced up to RP. 22 million to become one of the most expensive betta fish in the world. There are a lot of people who have been shocked by this price. This is really fantastic, isn’t it?


Fancy Betta looks like a beautiful painting
Fancy Betta looks like a beautiful painting

The last most expensive betta fish in the world that I want to introduce is Fancy. The fin size of this fish is not as big as the size of the fins of the Halfmoon. However, its fins color is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It is very beautiful and stunning. 

Due to the combination of gradient colors, fancy Betta fish have become quite popular over the past few years. They look like beautiful paintings. Therefore, these fish are quite expensive. But there is no fixed price for this kind of fish. The price of a fish varies according to the color pattern it bears. The more unique the color is, the more expensive the fish will be.


What are the rarest betta?

The fantail Betta variety is the rarest type of Betta. The caudal fins of this fish are placed side by side on its body. Because of its rarity, it would be so difficult to find information or even places to buy them. 

How much does a betta cost?

The price of a Betta varies according to which kind of fish you choose and you can generally gauge its cost based on the breed you choose. 
Although prices vary between bettas, you can generally gauge how much you’re going to spend based on the breed you choose. Betta fish are available in different varieties and can cost as little as $2 or as much as $30 per fish. Or even you can find a very expensive betta fish as I have mentioned in this post

Are pink bettas rare?

The pink Betta is incredibly rare and hard to find. If you happen to run across one at your local pet store then you will be in luck. There are some Betta species, such as Albinos and Cellophane varieties, that may appear almost translucent due to their lack of pigment in their skin, resulting in their appearance as pink.


I hope this article has provided you with useful information about the most expensive betta fish. Your tank will look great with one of these most expensive bettas in it, and you will be very proud of your purchase. However, no matter how expensive your bettas fish are, all of them deserve your best care. 

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