What Molly Fish Eggs Look Like: Do You Know This Before?

Molly fish eggs are a mystery to many. The small, transparent eggs are often overlooked and left to hatch inside the fish’s body. However, these curious eggs hold many secrets. Some people believe that Molly fish eggs possess an extraordinary power that helps the fish survive in their environment. Others simply enjoy watching the tiny creatures grow into new lifeforms. Whatever the reason, it is interesting to see what Molly fish eggs look like up close. 

Molly Fish Eggs Look Like: An Amazing Fact

A molly fish egg is a little yellow ball that resembles an egg yolk in appearance but is far smaller in size. If you find molly-producing eggs, it is most probable that the developing egg was aborted or miscarried. Mollies are not known to deposit eggs. As a result, this is correct. Essentially, they’re livebearers who produce fry that can swim freely in the ocean as their progeny.

The hue of the developing egg is a clear, translucent yellow. With a 99.9 percent chance of not growing further or producing a healthy fry, the egg is considered a failure to develop.

The Signs That A Molly Fish Is Pregnant

How to identify a pregnant molly fish
How to identify a pregnant molly fish

When you understand how to tell if a molly fish is pregnant, you’ll notice that spotting a pregnant molly isn’t difficult if you know what to look for. It’s critical to understand and remember these indicators if you want to breed mollies.

These are the indicators that she is expecting a child. There are some behavioral indicators, but they are more difficult to spot than the physical ones.

1. Her stomach is flattening out. Mollies with a round belly are considered normal. If she is expecting a child, her stomach will begin to get squarer and thicker.

2. There will be black lines on her stomach. If your mollies are light in color, this is an excellent indicator. Black patches near the anal vent are also a reliable indicator that she’s expecting. You can see the babies in these black areas.

3. She consumes a greater amount of food than usual. If you don’t know how much they consume on a regular basis, this is a little more difficult to detect. Not everyone is observing how much each fish consumes.

How Do You Know If Your Molly Is Going To Give Birth?

 How do you tell if your molly is ready to give birth now that you know she’s pregnant?

This is crucial to understand since she and the fries are in a vulnerable position right now. These are some behavioral indicators that she is nearing the end of her pregnancy.

When you witness these three behavioral signals indicating the molly is about to give birth, it may be best to separate her.

  • She begins to saunter less and less in the water. As is customary, I will remain stationary for an extended period of time.
  • She begins to hide beneath the tank’s plants or ornaments. To keep warm, she might even stay near the tank heater.
  • She eats more during pregnancy, but she will lose her appetite when giving birth. She could also become hostile to other fish.

How To Breed Mollies?

What you should know when breeding a molly fish
What you should know when breeding a molly fish

Mollies may breed almost anywhere and in any situation. However, it is still preferable to provide them with a welcoming setting. Increase the temperature to 78 degrees Fahrenheit (no higher), feed additional insects, and give plenty of hiding places. It’s also good to make sure that the tank is well-oxygenated.

Transfer the pregnant molly to a different tank or use a breeding box. She’d feel apprehensive and hesitant to give birth in a communal tank.

And, to avoid being eaten, the young ones must be isolated from their mother or other adults right away. If you’re using a breeding tank, get the female back into the main tank as soon as possible!

Setting up a separate tank for molly fry is the only option if you’re serious about rearing them. In a communal tank, though, they have a better chance since they are so many hiding spots.

Ensure their tank is equipped with a sponge filter to prevent the fry from being sucked in. It’s also a good idea to keep the bottom of the container plain so they may readily reach food.

It’s much easier to care for a livebearer’s fry than for those who hatch from their eggs outside the nest. The mortality rate of molly fry is typically low since they are more significant than the fry of egg-laying species.

Because the fry’s mouth is so tiny at first, crushed food is required. Crushed flake food, daphnia, newborn brine shrimp, and hard-boiled egg yolk paste are some foods you may feed.

Video: Molly Balloon Is Giving Birth


Is molly fish able to produce eggs?

In fact, Mollies create eggs, but the process is all internal. As we said earlier, we won’t observe eggs until there is an abnormality. After the eggs hatch inside the female’s uterus, they will be born as live and free-swimming fish.

It’s interesting to note that, even though these eggs are safeguarded within the female’s body, they receive no nutrition from the mother. The mother’s blood supply isn’t essential when it comes to eggs.

How often does A Female molly give birth?

Molly fish are known to give birth once every 30 to 45 days, depending on the species. Even if there isn’t a male present in the tank, a female may keep sperm in her body for many days and utilize it to fertilize her eggs around once a month, depending on the circumstances.

Some hobbyists have claimed that their mollies had given birth using the sperm that they had stored for six months!!!!!!!!!!!! And mollies aren’t known for doing this very often.

How many babies do mollies have?

A female molly may give birth to up to 100 fish fry at a time if she is in good health during her pregnancy.

Younger fish give birth to a smaller number of fish fry, whereas older, more mature females produce more fry.

What are the signs that fish are spawning?

Take note of the male fish’s antics. A group of fish may gather at the pond’s edge for spawning around this time. When the fish begin spawning, the males will pursue the females around the pond to get the eggs out of them.

How do molly Fish fertilize eggs?

When mating, the male will use his gonopodium to transport milt, a fluid containing his sperm, into the female’s body, allowing the female to reproduce. This fin is distinguished by its rod-like shape instead of the more typical fin shape of the anal fin.

How long does it take molly fish eggs to hatch?

For around 60 days, female mollies will be pregnant with their young. They have the ability to give birth to between 40 and 100 fries each clutch of eggs.


In conclusion, Molly’s fish eggs are small and have a yellow color. If you are interested in adding Molly fish to your tank, be sure to read our guideline to start with! Please comment on the section below if you have any concerns.


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