Top 13 Long Tail Beautiful Guppy Fish Make You Fall In Love

Long tail beautiful guppy fish is a type of fish that are found in many different parts of the world. There’s no doubt about the fact that guppies are one of the most beautiful and highly sought-after fish that hobbyists keep. 

There are three species of the long tail beautìul guppy fish according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, which belong to the family Poeciliidae, which consists of guppies, frogs, and toads.

A Variety Of Guppies

In the aquatic world, the guppies are considered to be one of the most beautiful creatures. The guppies are also known as the poeciliid fishes.  

Anyone can get tempted by the ornamental look and colorful pattern of these guppies, and this is one of the reasons that they have been crossed with other species of fish in order to develop improved varieties.

The guppy is a fish with a rounded body and a tail that is formed from a combination of different colors, patterns, and textures. 

Breeders always try to create new varieties of plants and they are often constantly experimenting to create new varieties.

You are advised to focus your attention on limited and specific traits if you are breeding for the first time. 

The guppies come in many different patterns with different bright colors on their fins, eyes and tails. Below you will find a few different body patterns.

Types Of Long Tail Beautiful Guppy Fish

A Red Eyed Guppy Named Albano

This is not the first instance where the albino phenotype is exposed through a regressive albino guppy. 

This phenotype is characterized by red eyes and a lack of melanin pigment. Their tails can be different in length and shape and they come in a variety of colors and patterns.

A guppie with a veil from tail falls into either of two color categories: either a body-color or an eye color class. 

In a heavily planted breeding tank, pregnant female guppies should not be mixed with newly born fry due to the fact that their poor eye vision can lead to them being eaten up easily by adults.

Blue Guppy

Blue long-tail guppy
Blue long-tail guppy

A blue guppy is native to South America, where it has for centuries existed in saltwater rivers and streams. Currently, however, it is found in almost every country around the world. There are many items for hobbyists to choose from among the blue guppies.

Guppies of the Blue-Green coloration

Bi-color Blue-Green Guppies can be classified into several types, all of which are exotic. 

Against the secondary color in the tail, the mixed blue-green color of the specimen is the most beautiful or dominant colored feature. 

The color and pattern of it should be matched to the color and pattern in the tail. At the base of the guppy, the color must be visible through the double iris, and the secondary color of this guppy must be at least 25% of the color of the tail. 

A totally different color should be chosen as a base color and as a secondary color.

Guppy With A Veil Tail

Among the many names that this tail is known by, the Veil tail is commonly known as Goldfish. 

Goldfish is widely known for its long, double-tailed tail that floats on the surface of the water. I do not believe that there are more beautiful types of goldfish than this. 

In fact, I believe that this is the most delicate goldfish that I have ever seen. Keeping and breeding this fish is not at all an easy task. The veil tail goldfish has a round body that is similar to an egg. 

Known scientifically as the Veil tail guppy fish, Carlassius auratus as the scientific name, higher classification as Callassius auratus

The veil tail fish was first discovered and described in 1890 in the United States.

A Delta-Tailed Guppy

Also known as the triangle tail, the Delta tail can be described in many different ways. There are two dorsal fins and a caudal fin at the end of the Delta tail, making the body length of the tail 26 mm. Caudal fins have the shape of triangles that have a 70-degree angle at the tip that originates from the peduncle.

A Fan-Tailed Guppy

This Fantail is 26mm in length, and its dorsal fin extends to a third of its caudal fin (the first third of the body length). The upper and lower edges of the caudal fin are both curved smoothly. There is 34% of its body length in the size of the caudal fin.

A fan-tailed guppy
A fan-tailed guppy

A Scarf-Tailed Guppy.

This pattern of long white stripes is called the scarf tail in several cultures. A scarf tail has an approximate body length of 26mm. 

During the first third of its life, the caudal fin connects with the first third of the dorsal fin. 

There are four facets of the caudal fin, and its length is equivalent to its body length. 

The caudal fin is rectangular in shape. Caudal fins are 4/10 of the body length of the fish and are much wider than their femurs.

Dual-Sword-Tail Guppy

A double swordtail guppy has a body length of approximately 25mm. Approximately one-third of the caudal fin ends at the area where the dorsal fin begins. There are caudal fins on either side of the upper and lower fins as well as a sword-shaped tail extending from the bottom. A sword’s length is equal to ten times its body length, which is equal to 10/10 of the length.

Guppy Tail Top Sword

The Body length of the top swordtail guppy is 25mm. In the centre of the caudal fin is the dorsal fin that ends at the beginning of the third. In the caudal fin, which is basically an oval shape, there is a sword-like tail on the top rays extending downwards.

Lyre-Tailed Gupps

As Poecilia reticulata guppy has many color variations, lyretail guppy has many different color variations as well. This fish possesses a very high growth rate, therefore, it is a very easy undertaking for the hobbyist to accomplish their task very quickly.

Guppies With Cofer Tails

This particular guppy has a body length of 24mm, which is the same length as a cofer. On its caudal fin, it often appears that the fish is digging a hole. There are no differences in its body length between its caudal and its body length.

Peacock Guppy

Unlike other species of guppy, the spear tail guppy has a caudal fin that looks like a spearhead. The tail fin is eight tenths the length of the body and is six tenths the height of the body.

The Round-Tailed guppy.

As mentioned in its name, the Round Tail Guppy has a round caudal fin, which gives the name its correct meaning. There are many guppy tail types, but this is one of the first ones that we were able to find.

Video About The Long Tail Beautiful Guppy Fish


Which guppy has the longest tail?

Pintail guppy’s tail has a similar shape to a spear tail guppy’s tail but its midsection is longer and elongated, which is why it is called the pintail guppy. 

The guppy type referred to as needle tail guppy is also known as the long pointy tail guppy due to its long, pointed tail.

How can these long tail beautiful guppy fish eat?

This way, they can eat food that contains nutrients and will provide your fish with variety, like lettuce, peas, and cucumbers. As well as not overfeeding your guppies, you should also not underfeed them.

As their stomachs are so small, overfeeding them can potentially cause them distress as their intestines are so small that they could be blocked by food.

In what kind of tank do guppies like to live?

Typically, Guppies do not have any food preference, and they will even nibble on algae within the aquarium as long as there is enough room for it. The recipes we have to make our own can be found on our website.

We regularly feed our fish a variety of foods such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, flake food, pellets, and Easy Fry and Small Fish Food.

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