How Do Guppies Mate – Breeding Time, Care For Fry Guppy Fish

The complicated courtship rituals and utilization of specialized reproductive organs that go along with guppy mating activities are what make them so distinctive and fascinating. Hobbyists and breeders can successfully breed and maintain wholesome populations of these vibrant and intriguing fish by understanding how guppies mate. This article will examine the numerous facets of guppy mating, including mating behaviors, the reproductive anatomy of male and female guppies, and the actual mating procedure.

How Do Guppies Mate?

Overview. Unlike some fish that lay eggs and subsequently the male fertilizes them, guppies are ovoviviparous, which means they mate internally. The gonopodium, the male guppy’s reproductive organ used to transport sperm into the female’s cloaca, originates from the anal fin. For mating, the hooks on the end of the gonopodium hold the male within the female.

Closer look

The male guppy frequently swims about the female while flicking his tail in her general direction to initiate courtship. When the male guppy starts acting in breeding guppies toward the female, mating starts. The male guppy will be able to approach the female guppy and start the mating process if she is open to his advances.

Male guppies can be incredibly persistent during this complicated mating process, and they might not give up easily. A female guppy may need to swim away or hide if she is not interested in the male in order to avoid being bothered by him. To prevent unwelcome aggression, we advise maintaining a ratio of 1 male to 3 female guppies in the aquarium.

Infertilization occurs internally. The mating ritual is carried out once the male and female guppy has “discovered each other” and are prepared to mate. The male guppy will turn to the side of the female and position himself behind her. Then, he will place one of his gonopodia—the female’s sex organ—into her vent, which is towards the base of her tail.

Female guppy is pregnant numerous time from a single mating because female guppies can store these sperm packets for months at a time. In reality, mother guppies frequently give birth to two or three batches of fry after mating.

The baby guppies are carried by the pregnant guppy during the gestation period till birth.

How Long Does Guppies Mate Take?

Guppies normally mate for between a few seconds to a few minutes. The male and female guppy will engage in a series of wooing behaviors throughout this period, which will culminate in the actual mating deed. Following the mating process, the female guppy will keep the male guppy’s sperm in her body for a few weeks, during which time she may give birth to several batches of fry. Many weeks may pass between conception and delivery, depending on a number of variables, including water temperature and the health of the female guppy.

When usually guppies mate?

Guppies have a reputation for frequently mating because the males are continually looking for new partners, and the females are usually amenable to mating. Adult guppies can typically reproduce once they achieve sexual maturity, which happens at about 3 to 4 months of age. The availability of possible mates, the temperature of the water, and the general health of the fish are a few variables that can affect when fish mate. Guppies may repeatedly breed throughout the year in a healthy, well-kept aquarium, giving rise to numerous clutches of fry.

How often do guppies mate?

how often do guppies mate
Guppies mate (Youtube: Hawaii Hobbyist).

Guppies have a reputation for frequently mating because the males are continually looking for new partners, and the females are usually amenable to mating. Guppies can typically mate several times per day, especially during times of high reproductive activity.

Yet, depending on a number of variables, including water temperature, fish health, and the availability of possible partners, the frequency of mating might vary. Guppies can often breed throughout the year in a well-kept aquarium with a robust population, giving rise to numerous batches of fry.

How to stop guppies mate?

As mating is a necessary and natural element of guppies’ reproductive cycle, it is not advisable to fully prevent them from doing so. However, there are a number of ways to prevent mating and reproduction if you have too many guppies in your aquarium and want to lower the population:

The best strategy to stop mating and reproduction is to keep males and females apart. We recommend keeping males and females in separate tanks or creating separate regions for each sex in your existing tank by adding a divider.

Fish can use a variety of birth control methods, including hormones or substances that stop eggs from forming. However, because these techniques may harm the fish, they shouldn’t be used.

How To Encourage Guppies Mate?

  • Create an appropriate setting: Guppies require a clean aquarium with appropriate water conditions, such as the right temperature, pH, and hardness. Ensure your aquarium is cycled properly and the water is consistent with a high standard.
  • Including plants and hiding places: Guppies prefer to mate in places with cover from the sun and cover from the wind. Live plants or artificial ornaments can be added to promote mating.
  • Ensure a healthy sex-to-male ratio: A balanced sex ratio of males to females in your aquarium is essential for effective mating. Typically, it’s advised to have one male and two or three females in each group.
  • Feed a healthy diet: Guppies must eat a healthy, balanced diet to stay healthy and have the ability to reproduce. Provide them with a range of nutritious foods, such as flakes, pellets, and live or frozen foods.
  • Preserve constant water quality: Guppies are sensitive to changes in water quality, which may have an impact on their behavior of guppies. Keep water conditions stable and steer clear of erratic variations.

Where do guppies mate?

where do guppy mate
Where do guppies mate in the tank?

There are numerous sites in the aquarium where guppies can mate. They do, however, tend to choose locations with lots of covers, including real or artificial plants and flora. Male guppies often chase female guppies around the aquarium before mating with them after a successful courtship. After then, the female will keep the male’s sperm and use it to fertilize her eggs as necessary. Guppies are prolific breeders and, if not properly controlled, can quickly overpopulate an aquarium.

Why do a couple of guppies not mate?

A couple of guppies may not be mating for a number of reasons. Guppies mature sexually at various ages based on things, including genetics and environmental influences. Thus, it’s possible that they aren’t sexually mature yet. Another option is that the male is acting unnecessarily pushy or uninterested in the female guppy. 

However, if the female is pregnant female, guppy, or not ready to mate for other reasons, she cannot be open to the male’s advances. In rare instances, unsuccessful mating may be caused by underlying health issues or issues with the water.

When Do Guppies Give Birth?

Guppies typically gestate for 4 weeks, give or take a couple of days. Female guppies can give birth to numerous batches of fry without mating again because they can store sperm for several months and get pregnant after one mating. Many factors, like the water’s temperature and the mother’s health, can affect the actual time of delivery.

pregnant guppy
A pregnant guppy.

Pregnant signs in the female guppy

  • Expanding abdomen: The female guppy’s belly will noticeably grow bigger and rounder as the fry grows inside of her.
  • Anal fin area with a dark spot: Around their anal fin, female guppies have a black area termed a gravid spot. As the fry inside her grow, this spot will get bigger and more obvious.
  • Restlessness: As they get closer to giving birth, pregnant female guppies may become more animated and restless than usual.
  • Alterations in conduct: Female guppies may become more aggressive or defensive as they approach the end of their pregnancy.
  • Visible eyes: The female guppy’s translucent skin will reveal the eyes of the fry as they grow inside her body.

How to raise guppy fry?

Are you confused when the guppy fry comes into the world, these steps below can help you.

  • Separate the fry in the breeding tank.
  • Provide a clean environment.
  • Feed them small, frequent meals.
  • Monitor water temperature.
  • Provide hiding places.
  • Gradually introduce solid food.
  • Keep an eye on growth and behavior.


When can the guppy fry go with parents?

Once they reach about one inch in size, usually after a few weeks, they can be reintroduced into the main tank with adult guppies. Guppy fry can start swimming and eating on their own within a few days of being born, but it’s recommended to separate them from their parents to ensure their safety and proper growth. 

How many guppy fries can be born?

Female guppies can give birth to anywhere from 2 to 200 fry, depending on their size and health.

Do guppies breed easily?

Yeah, guppies are notorious for easily and frequently reproducing. This makes them a popular choice for breeding in home aquariums, as does the fact that they can reproduce quickly and in a variety of water types.


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