Are Golden Wonder Killifish Aggressive? How To Care Properly

Golden wonder killifish is one of the most beautiful types of killifish. They are colorful freshwater aquarium fish that will definitely bring stunning beauty to your tank. However, many aquarists are concerned about Golden Wonder killifish aggressive behavior.

So, are they really aggressive? And when will they show that behavior? You will know the answer in this article. In addition, I also provide the ultimate care guide so that you can keep your fish healthy and happy. 

Are Golden Wonder Killifish Aggressive?

No. Golden Wonder Killifish are known to be easy to care for and very peaceful. Generally, they are non-aggressive. 

Generally, Golden Wonder Killifish are peaceful and non-aggressive. 
Generally, Golden Wonder Killifish are peaceful and non-aggressive. 

However, the species can be aggressive towards some smaller fish or smaller species. As a carnivore, they will eat anything that fits into their mouth. They don’t care what they are going to eat. That’s why the smaller fish, small aquatic insects, mosquitos, river warms, or crustaceans that land on the surface of the water will become potential food for killifish. 

However, it should not be a problem with fish that are the same size or larger. Furthermore, I think you should choose calm and peaceful tank mates for Golden Wonder killifish. They should also be types of fish that feed at the bottom of the tank. 

Golden Wonder Killifish Care

If you intend to keep these Killifish species in your tank, you must be committed to giving them good care so that they do not become aggressive. First of all, you will need to set up a suitable environment that allows your fish to thrive in your tank. That is the most important part of the process.

In the process of creating a suitable environment for Golden Wonder Killifish, it is important to mimic the conditions as close to their natural habitat as possible. The following tips should help you on your way to creating a satisfying environment.

Golden Wonder Killifish Tank Size

A tank with at least 20 gallons of water is the minimum size that is recommended to house the Golden Wonder Killifish.

These Killifish species always occupy the top part of the tank, so, it is better to consider getting a larger tank with more circumstances. It is not necessary for you to have deeper tanks for them.

If you have other Goldern Wonder Killifish tank mates, you should consider a 30-gallon tank. Additionally, a spacious tank gives your fish more freedom of movement so they can explore their surroundings and become happy.

Golden Wonder Killifish Tank Setup

Golden Wonder Killifish are hardy species, and they prefer to live in still water and heavy forestation tanks. Floating aquarium plants are the best option if you want to add plants for this type of fish.

Their height makes them an excellent choice for creating a forested environment that is best suited to fish. Because they are predatory, they do not care so much about the structure of the plants as they sense the wild environment in which they live.

Golden Wonder prefer to live in heavy forestation tanks
Golden Wonder prefer to live in heavy forestation tanks

You will want to get a tank with a tightly fitting lid and cover slides that do not allow the fish to escape from the tank, as they are good jumpers. Believe that!

It is recommended that the substrate be dark and sandy. Adding driftwood tangles, rocky outcrops, and caves to the aquarium decor improved the tank’s appearance while also providing shelter for the fish.

In order to observe the natural beauty of the Killifish, the tank should have dim lighting on the dark substrate that gives the best option for the tank.

A Golden Wonder Killifish may enjoy the changing water conditions of your aquarium, which is the reason for maintaining pristine water conditions in your aquarium. Choose an aquarium filtration system that is appropriate for the size of your aquarium.

You should do a water change twice a week for at least thirty percent of the water in the tank. The gentle movement of the water will delight the fish. Thus, you need to adjust your filtration process accordingly, or you can baffle the direct movement of water by using dense, tall plantings or rocky outcrops.

There should be filtered light in the tank to mimic the conditions of their natural habitats. Using LED aquarium lights, you will be able to provide your fish with the perfect lighting.

Water Parameters

Despite the fact that the Golden Wonder Killifish originates from freshwater environments, it is capable of thriving in brackish water as well. 

It is also possible to add 2 to 3 teaspoons of aquarium salt per 2.5 gallons of water to make the water feel like brackish.

This fish prefers temperatures between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Acidity should range between 6.0 to 7.5 pH on the scale of water hardness from 5 to 20 dGH.

Water conditions have a significant impact on killifish.
Water conditions have a significant impact on killifish.

You can keep the fish tank water in the new conditions by using high-quality filtration techniques and changing the water twice. In case you plan on adjusting the filtration process according to the tank, you need to make sure that water is allowed to move slowly.

Killifish are extremely sensitive to the conditions of the water. There should be no rushing when it comes to the placement of fish in the process of acclimation. If you have just put your fish in a new tank, don’t feed them for a few hours. It is also advised to turn off the lights of the tank for the first few hours so that the fish can become accustomed to the new environment.


The Golden Wonder Killifish is a predatory fish, and it has an impressively wide mouth. That is why it is always not a good idea to mix such small fish as neon tetras or danios into a community tank with Golden Wonder Killifish, as they might end up as dinner! Small shrimp species are no exception to this rule. But for the larger varieties, that will be not a problem. 

That said, Golden Wonder Killifish are peaceful and will socialize with non-aggressive medium-sized to large fish that prefer to stay out of the upper portion of the tank. Even though Golden Wonders are not strictly schooling species, they can be safely kept in groups of up to four individuals.

The Golden Wonder Killifish pairs well with the following tank mates:

  • German Blue Ram
  • Tetra Species
  • Corydoras Catfish
  • Otocinclus Catfish
  • Banjo Catfish
  • Ramshorn Snail
  • Vampire Shrimp

Diet And Feeding

It is known that Golden Wonder Killifish are primarily carnivorous and eat insects and insect larvae that they take from the surface of the water as a part of their natural diet. When they are kept in an aquarium, they require various frozen meaty foods in order to replicate the natural diet.

White mosquito larvae and bloodworms are two of their favorite foods. The daphnia, as well as vitamin-enriched brine shrimp, will be appreciated as well. Adding live food will keep your fish’s colors vivid, and it will also help if you are bringing a pair into breeding condition. This lovely breed is not picky when it comes to food, and will easily accept good quality flake and pellet foods.

If you are going to purchase live foods for your community tank, be sure to use a reliable supplier and avoid using insects or larvae from the wild environment because you may accidentally introduce parasites and diseases to your tank.

Make sure that you give your fish two or three small meals per day and that they receive a variety of food to keep them healthy.

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How long do Golden Wonder Killifish live?

If correctly cared for and kept in proper conditions, Golden Wonder Killifish can live up to four years.

Do Golden Wonder Killifish eat other fish?

Yes. Golden Wonder Killifishes are a perfect example of predators that will eat anything that is small enough to fit in their mouths. Since Golden Wonder Killifish are carnivores, they may feed on smaller fishes in some cases.
In order to protect the young and the crustaceans from being eaten, Golden Wonder Killifishmust be kept separate from other species.

Is Golden Wonder Killifish hardy?

Yes. The Killifish species are hardy and can survive in an environment where the water is still covered with vegetation, preferably floating plants, with a high forestation of aquatic vegetation.
Providing it with a variety of food that is almost similar to its diet in the wild, the fish won’t fall ill. You need to make sure that the living standards set by the tank are followed along with a high level of hygiene.
For a beginner hobbyist, these plants are an ideal option because they are virtually unkillable.


The Golden Wonder fish can be excellent additions to a peaceful community setup, as they are beautiful, and easy to care for. The species may not be an aggressive one, but to ensure the health and safety of all your fish, it is best to make sure the other fish in the tank are not of smaller size that could make lunch for your Golden Wonder.

They are relatively easy to take care of and are relatively hardy. In that case, if you are searching for an interesting fish to add to your collection, you might have ended your search here.

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