Dwarf Gourami And Angelfish: 4 Characteristics That You May Not Know

People always wonder whether the dwarf gourami and angelfish are happy when they live together. This article will answer your questions about these two fishes.

There are a lot of small fish that make up the aquarium community, but dwarf gouramis are among the most popular. They get along very well with other fish and can live happily in an aquarium without a lot of trouble. Angelfish however are a bit different. 

Do the dwarf gouramis have the same compatibility with angelfish as their big cousins? 

It isn’t going to be a problem keeping dwarf gouramis and angelfish together as long as they are kept in the same aquarium.

These two species would actually get along great. If you intend to introduce your pet to an aquarium, you need to consider a few things before taking the plunge. Find out how it works by reading on!

Compatibility Of Dwarf Gouramis With Angelfish

Aquatic Quality

It is important to ensure water quality when you are taking care of any fish. Seeing that dwarf gouramis and angelfish are from different places in the world, their water has a different pH value for a variety of reasons.

Since freshwater fish have different wants and needs, you should only be putting one type in your aquarium at a time.

In this way, the water won’t get out of balance and this will prevent problems from occurring. The hardy fish are also able to thrive in the same aquarium, so if you decide to keep both of them in the same tank together, the water quality will eventually become safe for your pets.

It is important to ensure water quality
It is important to ensure water quality

Temperature Of The Water

I believe that the best water temperature for both Angelfish and Dwarf Gouramis is 75 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. When the temperature drops below 75 degrees, the fish can get sick.

If the room where your aquarium stays at a temperature of this or higher, it makes it easy to keep both of them in the same aquarium. You don’t even need a heater to keep them warm.

Differentiation In Size

Basically, you should not need to worry about your tanks being too big if you only have one fish of each species.

There is a slight difference between the size of dwarf gourami and that of an angelfish, but not by much.

You should also be aware that, if you plan to get feeder fish for your Angels or you plan on having large tanks that dwarf the gouramis aquarium, you will likely have some difficulty.


There is no difficulty in feeding both fish at the same time. You should not encounter any problems if you provide the same type of food to all aquariums.

Neither of these fish will refuse flakes, pellets, freeze-dried foods, or live food if that is what is available.

You may have tried introducing one type of food to one aquarium only to find that it wasn’t eaten. You should be able to feed it to the fish without any problems.

Many freshwater fish that can be kept with angelfish and dwarf gourami
Many freshwater fish that can be kept with angelfish and dwarf gourami


There is many freshwater fish that can be kept with angelfish and dwarf gouramis including pufferfish, goldfish, and catfish.

There is no harm in putting them together if you do some research about their compatibility first, but it is best to avoid doing so.

There is a definite advantage to only housing one type of freshwater fish within your aquarium. You will reduce the possibility of any water-quality problems occurring within the aquarium.

If you keep some changes to the water on a regular basis, watch them closely, and be sure they get adequate food, it should be fine to have an angelfish and dwarf gourami together.

It is important to research compatibility before putting two species of freshwater fish together. This goes for all types of fish, whether they are saltwater or freshwater.

When you follow this advice, it will prevent problems from happening later on. However, on the whole, Angelfish and Dwarf Gouramis make excellent additions to aquariums and can be quite compatible with each other for the most part.


What are the odds of angelfish interacting with dwarf gouramis?

The angelfishes and some gourami species are often seen to get along very well when kept together.

It should be noted that Gouramis make excellent tankmates for Angelfish especially dwarf Gouramis. In fact, their habitats are almost the same enough to modify your tank in a way that works for both species.

Does it matter if I have just one angelfish?

There is no limit to how many angelfish you can keep. I think it would be better if you kept the angelfish away from other fishes with large tanks if you only have a small tank or if the angelfish is very territorial or aggressive.

To keep it from getting bored, just make sure you provide it with lots of plants and decorations in its tank that he can interact with.

Are angelfish attracted to light?

Light is important. The angelfish tank should be kept in a well-lit area if you intend to keep the angelfish tank in that area.

The light for your aquarium is not necessary if your aquarium tank contains plants that do not require a great amount of light. Nevertheless, if you are planning to keep the aquarium in a shady location, do not forget that.


Dwarf gouramis can cohabit with angelfish and get along quite well even if they are strangers. The requirements for their tanks and diets are quite similar.

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