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Many times we wonder if cross breeding cory catfish is safe or not and will it cause any damage to the fish community. I’m here to help you solve this puzzle. I will tell you everything you need to know about crossbreeding this fish species and all the risks that it may carry. Don’t miss it!

Is Cross Breeding Cory Catfish Possible?

Yes, it’s possible to cross-breed different types of cory catfish or corydoras. They will share some similar features with their parents of mixed breeds.

However, not every combination is recommendable due to some health issues, mutation possibility, and low immunity. Breeding and selling hybrid corydoras may lead to weakening species’ quality in terms of rarity, purity, and health, which is very damaging to the trading market. That’s why aquarists don’t recommend crossbreed cory catfish, and they suggest that we stay truthful when trading fish species.

Which Types Of Cory Catfish Will Cross-Breed?

Not every corydoras species will crossbreed. If they recognize each other as creatures of the same species, they may hybridize. And how do they do it? They will judge by the appearance of their tank mates, which includes color and body shape.

Also, cory catfish enjoy living with their own school, so introducing another school of a different breed may not deliver the best results for breeding at first. For example, panda cory catfish that already live together in the tank may not warmly welcome 3 new pepper cories. They will just mind their own business.

When we pick breeds of cory catfish for crossbreeding, it’s important to learn their natural mating behaviors. Even though corydoras of different breeds belong to the same species, each may have a breeding habit that doesn’t coincide with others. Some are seasonal breeders, some spawn thorough the year whenever they feel like it.

For example, it’s possible to hybridize Paleatus or pepper cories with Adolfoi. Corydoras breeds don’t have many similarities in appearance, but both tend to breed during rainy seasons. So, there is a chance there.

How To Cross Breeding Cory Catfish

How to cross breeding cory catfish

There are 3 tips that I find crucial in breeding corydoras of any breed. It’s true that fish just breed normally as part of their nature. However, we can trigger the mating process so that the fish spawn more frequently. And this is how I do it.

Prepare A Separate Tank

When the corydoras parents have finished reproducing, they’ll get hungry and begin eating the eggs! If you don’t remove the parents, all the eggs will disappear, and the breeding process will go to waste.

I’m exaggerating a bit because, yes, some eggs will survive and reach the fry stage. However, for people who breed corydoras for commercial purposes, keeping most of the eggs fertilized and alive is inevitable. That’s why a separate tank is necessary.

Use a net and safely remove the parents from the original tank into a separate tank. If you don’t have enough space in the house for another tank, a separator net is a good save. It can divide the tank into 2 sections, one for the parents and one for the eggs.

Ensure That The Breeding Tank Is In Ideal Conditions

  • Java moss

Java moss is beneficial for small shrimps and fishes that require a safe space to hide when there are bullies in the tank. Since cannibalism is very typical among the fish species, we have to provide a hiding spot for the fries after they grow big enough to find their own food, and java moss serves this purpose well.

Java moss will capture all the eggs that female cory catfish lay. Only fertilized eggs stay on the leaves since they have a sticky membrane layer that unfertilized eggs don’t have. Java moss helps us separate and remove unfertilized eggs from the tank.

  • Water temperature

Also, it’s important to change the water temperature to trigger the breeding process. Many corydoras breeds like Adolfoi, panda, pepper cories, etc., breed when it’s rainy season. Changing 50% of the tank water with dechlorinated water that is slightly cooler than the water in the tank can stimulate the rainy seasons that these fish find ideal for mating.

Corydoras live in between 74° and 80° F water. So you have to check the temperature of the original water first. Then, prepare cool water according to the tank water’s temperature and the ideal temperature of the breed.

  • Tank size

In normal conditions and single-breed spawning, preparing a large tank is the better option. Having a 15-gallon tank for 5-6 panda or pepper cories will give them a more comfortable environment.

However, if you are trying to crossbreed different types of cory catfish, having a smaller tank will force them into mating mode. Different breeds live in different schools. A confined space force them to swim together and get to know each other. Thus, a higher chance of cross breeding cory catfish.

Let Corydoras´ Nature Do The Work

Without our intervention, corydoras can mate the same way they do in nature. After preparing the tank and conditioning it, we have to leave them be, and they should mate when they get in the mood. Keep in mind that feeding them well also helps when it comes to triggering the breeding process.

My advice is that we provide the parent cory catfish with enough food at all times so that they don’t touch the eggs after spawning either.


Can I breed cory adolfoi with cory panda?

Yes. If you keep them in a more confined space and create an ideal environment for them to get into the mood for mating, it’s possible cross breeding cory catfish. Also, picking different breeds with similar appearance and breeding behavior scores a higher chance of making the fish mate and breed.

Can I force mixed breed cory catfish to mate?

Yes. If you keep them in a more confined space and create an ideal environment for them to get into the mood for mating, it’s possible cross breeding cory catfish. Also, picking different breeds with similar appearance and breeding behavior scores a higher chance of making the fish mate and breed.

Is it safe to crossbreed cory catfish?

No, it’s not recommendable to crossbreed any type of catfish because the fries will suffer some forms of health issues. Furthermore, selling these mixed breeds will affect the quality of the captive market.

Video: Corydoras Panda crossbreed Corydoras Paleatus (Peppered Cory)

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