Cory Catfish Eat Poop: 4 Questions Will Answer All Your Wonders

Does Cory Catfish eat poop? It is always a question asked by those who are just starting to raise this fish.

In some circles, it’s believed that catfish can eat almost anything due to their natural purpose of scavenging for food, and it’s seen as an easier method of cleaning fish tanks.

Therefore I am sure that you are wondering if your catfish is desperate enough to eat your catfish poop, along with other things, and if you have a natural tank cleaner in your aquarium.

Catfish do not consume poop, which isn’t part of their diet, and it doesn’t provide them with any nutrients as well.

Nevertheless, it is possible for aquarium fish to consume poop sometimes if they mistake it for food.  

Will Cory Catfish Eat Poop in Your Tank?

Why does cory catfish eat poop?
Why does cory catfish eat poop?

The reason why cory catfish tend to feed on poop is that it is not required that they consume poop as part of their recommended healthy diet.

While animals can think of poop as food, they may consume it for a while, to get used to it, and then when they realize it is not food, they will spit it out.

If catfish are responsible for feeding themselves on poop then we can rely on them to feed when the need arises, even if they are not able to poop.

Catfish do require specialized food in order to grow properly, much like our bodies. They will also sometimes consume leftover food from other fish in the tank if there are any leftovers.

What Do Cory Catfish Eat?

It is essential to understand what catfish eat to provide them with the nutrients they need for them to grow properly since they do not feed on their poop.

There is no doubt that one of the best foods for a catfish is sinking pellets, brine shrimp, and worms.

There are directions on the packaging that should be followed instead of your gauge when feeding them.

Sinking pellets are the ideal nourishment for a catfish
Sinking pellets are the ideal nourishment for a catfish

Is There a Fish Out There That Eats Poop?

A fish that feeds on poop and depends on it to survive seems thought-provoking to me. I would never imagine a human eating poop for survival, so it strikes me as a little bit strange that there is a fish that feeds on poo.

There is a direct correlation between poop and dirt. Once the food eaten has been digested properly, faeces will come out of the bowels at the end of the meal.

There is very little chance that it would contain any nutrients that would be beneficial to the human body or that would be beneficial to the fish in this case.

Poop is not eaten by fish. On the other hand, some fish, such as corydoras, bristle noses, and sometimes snails and shrimps, are regarded by some people as “clean up crews.” You bring them into the aquarium to remove dirt or poop.

According to some reports, this method of cleaning a fish tank is not effective, and people are just lazy in their manner of caring for them.

The owner of the tank does not clean the tank as they would because, in order to clean the tank, they bring one of these fish into it.

We regret to inform you that the cleanup crew did not do a good job. Their main purpose is to scout for dead fish as well as uneaten items that have been left in the tank to prevent them from rotting.

There is no way that a fish can do a human’s job for you if you want to clean out your tank of poop.

It may be a good idea to rethink your plans to introduce a roomy crew to your tank for that purpose if you had previously considered it.

Cleaning crews are useful only in cases where you are preventing leftovers from lurking under your tank in the future as well as ensuring the safety of other tank members.

Why Is Cory Catfish Eating Poop?

Cory catfish eat everything edible that they can find
Cory catfish eat everything edible that they can find

I would like to clarify that there is no need to be alarmed if you see your fish-eating poop. It is likely that the fish do not recognize the smell of poop and sometimes confuse it with food.

Another reason could be because they do not get fed as often as they should, and as a result, they start searching around the aquarium for food to eat, and by doing so, they choose anything they can find that will be edible.


A fish-eating poop doesn’t provide any kind of health benefit. Furthermore, eating poop by a catfish is not normal behavior for the catfish as it is not part of the species’ normal patterns of behavior.

This was the first time I saw a catfish eating poop, and it was my first time seeing a fish eat poop. The fish couldn’t possibly be confused by food, but whenever they are unsure, they spit the food out immediately.

Video About Cory Catfish Eat Poop

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