Blue Gularis Killifish Eggs – The Useful Guide To Learn

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to add some color to your aquarium? Blue gularis killifish is a great option! These little fish are known for their vibrant blue coloration and exciting patterns. They are also relatively easy to care for, making them great for beginner aquarists. Throughout this guideline, you will learn how to care for blue gularis killifish eggs and what to expect when they hatch.

Blue Gularis Killifish Eggs: The Hatching Process

Micro worm for killifish fry diet
Micro worm for killifish fry diet

When I obtained eggs of Blue Gularis (Fundulopanchax sjoestedti) in peat, I just needed to add water. I was able to witness free-swimming fry within an hour or two of the peat settling to the bottom. Wondering how it all works made me ponder. How quickly does it occur?

I decided to dig a little further to get to the bottom of these issues. I retrieved some eggs from the peat, put them in a petri dish, and filmed the entire process.

When you soak eggs for five to ten minutes, you will be able to see movement within. There is a precise movement of the fry within the bait as if they are searching for the best place to emerge from. It will take them 5 minutes to break the eggshells, and you’ll see tails or heads emerging from them.

It didn’t take long for the whole fry to come out of the eggshell. Within two to three minutes of coming out, they begin to get their act together. In the process of coming out of the egg, they bump into each other as if they cannot see. Additionally, they swim erratically, as if they don’t know where they’re going. Within a few minutes, they have learned everything, and after about ten minutes, they start eating micro worms.

Where Can You Buy Blue Gularis Killifish Eggs?

If you are interested in getting a Blue Gularis Killifish for your tank, you may be wondering where you can buy its eggs. You may discover the eggs for sale at some pet stores, and it may also be possible to place an order through an online vendor such as eBay. An alternative source is to contact a fish breeder who could help find eggs based on order size requirements. Once you have acquired your egg, you will need to incubate them. Be careful!

Video: Blue Gularis Killifish Hatching From The Eggs


How long do killifish eggs take to hatch?

When kept in just moist peat (depending on the species), eggs of egg-hangers take approximately three weeks to hatch, but eggs of bottom-spawners take about three months to hatch.

Do killifish breed easily?

Killifish can be easily bred, so they are extremely popular among aquarists due to their simplicity. 

Do killifish breed in captivity?

The female lays her eggs under the sand and buries them completely. You should remove the parents from the tank once the eggs are laid.

Where can I buy blue gularis killifish?

Blue gularis killifish eggs are not always easy to find in pet stores, but you can still purchase them from many different sources such as eBay.

In Summary

In conclusion, blue gularis killifish eggs are a great way to learn about egg development and breeding habits. Additionally, they are easy to take care of and can be a wonderful addition to any aquarium. You need to research before starting to ensure that you have the proper equipment and know-how for caring for blue gularis killifish eggs.

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