Betta Fish Spitting Out Food: 6 Crucial Reasons You May Not Know


Betta fish are popular pets and can be found in many homes. They are known for their beautiful colors and the fact that they can breathe air. Many people may not know that Bettas will sometimes spit out their food. This may seem strange behavior, but there is usually a good reason. This article will explore why “Betta fish spitting out food” and what you can do about it.

Is It Normal For Betta Fish To Spit Out Food?

Yes! The majority of fish species will spit out their meal to break down and soften the food they consume. 

The majority of betta fish pellet foods are too large for them to swallow simply. Thus, they must chew the pellet with their teeth located at the back of their throat, which might indicate that they are spitting out and rejecting their food to survive. Please keep in mind that the mouth of a betta is relatively small, and the only sorts of food that they can adequately consume are micro pellets or small live foods.

The Reason Why Your Betta Fish Spitting Out Food

A beautiful betta fish in a tank
A beautiful betta fish in a tank

Betta fish are notorious for spitting out their food. While it may be frustrating to see your hard-earned food go to waste, there is usually no need to worry. This section will discuss five reasons why your Betta fish has that action.

If you suspect that one of these causes is true, there are some easy ways to solve the problem. I will reveal them later. Just wait and keep reading!

Size Of The Portion

The first reason your Betta fish is spitting out its food is because of the size of the portion it receives from you. If your Betta fish is receiving too much food, it may be spitting it out as a way to get you to cut back on its food.

If you give your Betta too much food, it can lead to obesity and even illness. This can cause a number of problems in the long run, such as an increased risk of disease, an increased risk of injury, and even death.

You should reduce the amount of food you give your Betta if you see that it has begun spitting out food. You will also want to monitor how much water you are giving them as well. If they become dehydrated, they may have trouble swallowing their food, and they may start spitting it out.

Digestive Issues

Another cause is digestive problems. Just like humans, Betta fish are not immune to the occasional digestive issue. If your Betta has a problem with its digestive system, then it may have trouble swallowing its food.

This can lead to them spitting out the food you are giving them to get it out of its mouth. The good news is that most digestive problems can be fixed with some time and effort from you as the owner. So if you notice that your Betta has that action, there should be no need to worry. You should just make sure that they get enough water on a daily basis and monitor how much they are eating.

Your Betta May Be Juvenile

The third one is that they may be a juvenile Betta. Juvenile Betta fish are those that are younger than two years of age. While it is not always the case, younger Betta fish tend to be more vocal and inquisitive.

Juvenile Betta fish are also more active and energetic than adult Betta fish. This means that they may sometimes spit out their food because they are just having fun and exploring their surroundings in their tank. Just ensure that you have enough room for them to run around in your tank to stay healthy and happy as well.

Water Quality Issues

Water quality is an important thing you need to consider
Water quality is an important thing you need to consider

A lack of good water quality may be causing your Betta fish to spit out food. If the water quality is not good, then your Betta fish will not be able to eat correctly. The water should be clean and free of chemicals and free of any debris. If the water is dirty or there are any chemicals in it, your Betta fish will not be able to eat because it may react to it.

Parasite In Stomach

The fourth reason is because of the presence of parasites in their stomach. Just like humans, Betta fish can get parasites in their stomachs. There can be several different types of parasites as well.

These parasites can come from eating other foods contaminated with the parasites or even being bitten by another fish in your tank. When your Betta starts throwing up food, you should do a thorough check on their water and food to ensure there aren’t any parasitic issues with them.

Betta: The Fussy/Dumb One

Your betta can be picky or stupid at times. He may not realize what you’re feeding him his food, or if he knows, he’s decided not to eat it. This is the most common reason for your betta spitting out food, aside from the food being too large.

If you believe this is the case, all you have to do now is keep feeding him what you have. He may refuse to eat it at first, but the more hungry he becomes, the more likely he is to eat it.

Video: How Much You Should Feed Your Betta Fish


1. Is throwing up from a betta fish a serious problem?

In most cases, spitting up food is nothing to worry about with a Betta fish. This usually happens because the fish cannot consume the food. 

Bettas are lovely fish, but their vibrant colors can sometimes mask signs of illness. It could be a symptom of parasite infection or constipation if your Betta isn’t feeding well, stays in one location for too long, or has clamped fins.

2. Why Is my betta fish spitting out his flakes?

Bettas may sometimes suck in food and then spit it out to break it up. Check to see if your betta is eating the food after it has been broken up. Bettas may lose interest in flake or pellet feed if they don’t recognize the flakes as food. Breeders typically provide live feeds to encourage rapid growth and strength in their stock, so new Bettas may have never seen flakes before being purchased. Bettas consume wiggly worms and bug larvae in the wild because their movement attracts them.

3. Betta fish throws out the white stuff. Why does it happen?

When a betta fish spits out the white matter, it’s usually because the food you’re feeding him is too large. Because betta fish have small mouths, they can only consume small amounts of food. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you notice your betta fish spitting out food, there are a few things you can do to help. Try changing the food you’re feeding it or how you’re feeding it. You can also try cleaning out your tank more often or adding some decorations to make it more interesting for your betta. Finally, if none of these solutions work, you may want to take your betta to a vet. If you have any questions about this topic, please let me know by leaving a comment below.


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