Betta Fish Lifespan – How Long Do Betta Fish Live?

Betta fish, so-call Siamese fighting fish, are a favorite among aquarium hobbyists because of their vibrant colors and graceful, flowing fins. They do, however, have a finite lifespan like all living things. Knowing about betta fish lifespan will help you provide them the best care possible whether you’re considering obtaining one or already owning one. This is a piece of crucial information to help your betta fish live longer.

How Long Does The Betta Fish Lifespan?

Betta fish can live for an average of 2-3 years. The claim that a Betta fish can survive for four or five years is still frequently made by people. Generally, you’d be quite lucky to retain your Betta for two years, though, as many of those you buy from pet stores are at least six months old or more. 

Despite adequate care and clean water in the fish tanks, many people find it difficult to keep their pet Betta fish happy and healthy for a full year or year and a half. As it appears that the average lifespan of Betta fish is decreasing, many hobbyists find this to be concerning. 

What Are Prolong Tips For Your Betta Fish Lifespan?

In general, it’s crucial to provide any pet, including a Betta fish, the greatest fish care possible. This entails setting up an appropriate tank with suitable water conditions, the best fish food, and keeping an eye out for any symptoms of illness. You may increase your Betta fish’s longevity and ensure a happy, healthy existence for them by doing this.

What is the best tank size for betta fish?

As a fish keeper, give your bettas a tank with at least 5 gallons. Also, bettas’ upturned mouths and labyrinth-breathing apparatuses require access to the surface air at the top of the tank in order to function. Keeping a betta fish in a small bowl or vase is not advised since it may cause health problems like poor water quality, stress, and stunted growth. You’ll have more space to add live plants, ornaments, and other enrichments to the larger tank you offer your betta fish, which will benefit their general well-being.

What are the best conditions in a betta tank?

The quality of the water is still another crucial element for optimal health. Small containers should have their water changed every other day if it isn’t filtered, and even filtered aquariums should have at least 25% of their water changed once a month. If they are not kept in healthy water conditions, bettas are prone to fin rot. Overall, it is ideal for maintaining a betta alone or with other fish of a similar size in an aerated and filtered aquarium. A heater will be helpful to this tropical fish.

What to avoid when nurturing bettas?

You should know some points to avoid harming to keep a healthy fish life.

  • Feed your betta fish in moderation to avoid overfeeding.
  • Avoid purchasing betta fish from the pet store if they appear unhealthy since they cannot live very long.
  • Male betta fish shouldn’t be kept in the same tank since they may fight over territory.

How should we feed betta fish?

betta fish food
Don’t overfeed your betta fish.

How to build a healthy life and long life for betta fish also depends on the diet. Research about the diet, which includes the size of your fish food or betta pellets, stomach size, baseline body size, and which is a nutritious live food. Everybody has to begin somewhere. Given that betta fish may go up to two weeks without eating, it is advisable to start out slowly and gradually increase the amount of food. Increase the amount of food you’re feeding gradually. 

What Can Effects The Betta Fish Lifespan?

Several factors can affect the lifespan of a betta fish. According to the beginning of time, the bettas live in your house. Let’s look closer at the effects: before and after.

Before you get your bettas

Even if you give your Betta the best care imaginable, the fish could nevertheless go belly-up earlier than expected. Because there are so many other variables at play that are beyond your control, this is the case.

Here are only a few elements that have an impact on the lifespan when you buy a betta fish:

  • More quantity than quality: Given their popularity, it is not unexpected that big commercial farms frequently breed and maintain thousands of young betta fish. Many Bettas that shouldn’t have been sold still end up in pet stores because tropical fish are frequently bred for numbers rather than quality.
  • Genetics: In reality, commercial betta breeders frequently market their egregiously genetically flawed fish under appealing brand names. Because of the frequently low-profit margins, it can be tempting to start compromising the real gene pool quality.

After you get your bettas

Here are some factors that you can control after you get a new fish:

  • Betta fish tank size.
  • Heater.
  • Diet.
  • Exercise.

How Long is The Betta Fish Lifespan In The Wild?

betta fish lifespan
A red betta fish.

In the wild, betta fish can survive for about two years. Wild bettas are more likely to live in contaminated and hostile surroundings than pet bettas. Hence they have shorter lifespans in the wild than when kept in captivity.

You can discover wild betta fish in streams, ponds, rice fields, and shallow freshwater canals. Parts of Brazil, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia contain their shallow freshwater habitats. If their homes have dried up, you can also encounter wild bettas in sewers and puddles!

How To Keep Your Betta Fish Harmony?

Keeping the male bettas separate to prevent fighting is another aspect of the longevity of bettas. The males of this species are known as Siamese Fighting Fish because they frequently engage in territorial conflicts. They might become less durable if they hurt each other.

When keeping multiple male bettas in the same tank, some aquarium owners employ betta condos to keep them apart. There is concern that they still feel stressed when interacting with other men, and this tension may impact their health. Betta aquariums with many compartments should have an opaque material separating each one. One male betta per tank is often a good rule to follow. Male and female betta fish cannot coexist except during mating,


How old are the oldest betta fish?

It has been proven that Bettas can live in captivity for up to nine or ten years.

Can betta fish live in a fishbowl?

Although betta fish can technically survive in a fishbowl, it is not an ideal habitat for them to live in for an extended period.

Does betta fish need tank mates?

No. Betta fish are territorial and aggressive toward other fish. Thus, they do not necessarily need tank mates. But, some appropriate species can be brought to the tank under specific circumstances, like offering ample space and hiding locations.


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