Angelfish And Dwarf Gourami: Is Keeping Them Together An Good Idea?

Community aquariums are fascinating to look at because they provide the opportunity to house a number of different species in the same environment. As a result, it is not surprising to find so many fish keepers searching for the ideal tank mates for their preferred fish species, but such a combination must be totally functional.

Introducing two or more species that don’t share the same temperaments or water parameters may rapidly lead to disaster.

In this article, we will explore whether angelfish and dwarf gourami can coexist in the same environment. Both species are pretty well-known in the modern-day, and in all honesty, they do match one another rather well.

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Compatibility Of Dwarf Gouramis With Angelfish

Compatibility of dwarf gouramis with angelfish
Compatibility of dwarf gouramis with angelfish

Water quality

Water quality should be a top consideration for any fish. There are distinct differences in pH levels between angelfish and dwarf gourami due to their origins. With that said, freshwater fish should only be kept in one tank at a time.

By doing this, issues that may arise from the water being out of balance would be avoided. However, both species of fish are hardy. Therefore, if you do wish to keep them in an aquarium together, it will only take a little while for your aquarium’s water quality to be fine for your fish.

Water temperature

Temperatures 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for both Angelfish and Dwarf Gouramis in aquariums. They might become ill if the temperature drops below that. Keeping them in an aquarium together is simple since they don’t require a heater if the room they’re in is this temperature or greater.

Size difference

There shouldn’t be any problems with the size of the fish as long as you just have one of each species in the tank. Dwarf Gouramis are a little larger than Angelfish, although the difference is not significant. Nevertheless, if you intend on keeping feeder fish for your Angels or keeping tanks that dwarf the gourami’s, this might be an issue.


Both fish may be fed with ease. You won’t have any problems if you feed each tank the same sort of food. Flakes, pellets, freeze-dried meals, and even live food may be fed to both fish. If you notice that a certain kind of food isn’t being consumed in one aquarium, you can always try feeding it to the fish in the other tank. It should be no problem for the fish to become used to it.

Should We Keep Angelfish And Dwarf Gourami Together?

Should we keep angelfish and dwarf gourami together?
Should we keep angelfish and dwarf gourami together?

Angelfish are members of the family Cichlidae and are found in freshwater. They have a lovely and elegant body form. Gouramis, which are also freshwater fish, are members of the Osphronemidae family and may be hostile at times. However, Gouramis can sometimes be aggressive.

Because of their compatibility as tank mates, an aquarist will need to invest in a big tank to accommodate both fish. Small tanks are more likely to display symptoms of violence since they might be territorial at times. These fish will thrive in aquariums ranging from 50 to 80 gallons in size (a bigger tank will also be appropriate for them).

Decorations are important in the aquarium as well. You may adorn the aquarium with broadleaves, driftwood, and other plants. The plants in the tank do more than just look good; they also act as a barrier against aggression. 

Angelfish and gouramis are good tank mates since they can coexist happily in the same environment. However, keeping an eye on their interactions can help you be on the lookout for any violent behavior. You also need to be aware that not all species of gouramis can coexist peacefully in the same aquarium with angelfish.

Something You Should Keep In Mind When Keeping Dwarf Gourami With Angelfish

What To Remember When KeepGourami With Angelfish
What To Remember When KeepGourami With Angelfish

The following is a basic checklist: 

  • Keep your water temperature at 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Use a medium-powered water filter to keep the water flow slow 
  • Water pH needs to be maintained at 6.8-7. 
  • Both species prefer soft water, so keep it soft. 
  • Use any standard aquarium light for about 8-10 hours per day 
  • Angelfish like to dig, so use a soft and fine substrate. Fine sand or mud will work. 
  • Gouramis prefer lower levels of light, so provide a little floating vegetation. Vallisneria and Hornwort are good examples. 
  • Angelfish will like the Amazon Sword plant and Java Fern. 
  • Fish flakes will suit both species. Supplement with live and frozen foods and vegetables for variety. 

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Are angelfish and gouramis going to fight?

When you maintain fish in communal tanks, there is always the chance that they may get into fights with one another. Even while angelfish are often regarded as gentle pets, they may become ferociously aggressive during the breeding process.
It’s also worth noting that they are very protective of both their eggs and their newly-hatched offspring. It is common for male gouramis to become aggressive and territorial if some other fish approaches their bubble nest.
If you want to reduce the likelihood that your favorite pets will get into a fight, you should give them sufficient room so that they can essentially hide in their own sections of the tank and not have to interact with any of the other inhabitants. Additionally, plants are very beneficial in providing both shelter and sight barriers.

Can Angelfish fry be eaten by Gouramis?

Yes, gourami fish will most certainly consume angelfish fry anytime they get the opportunity to do so. As omnivores, when seeing a tiny fish passing by, they will see it as food.  
Angelfish are exactly the same way! As long as it fits in their mouth, they’ll eat gourami fry as well. Unless you separate your fry (from both species) into an isolation aquarium until they are large enough, you can’t do anything about this.

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